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Massive Truck Wreck Sends Dean Thompson Off in Ambulance

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Jake Smith

Jake Smith

News Writer for The Daily Downforce.
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Dean Thompson gets taken to the infield care center on a stretcher after a massive hit on the front stretch at Texas.

With 22 laps to go in the Craftsman Truck Series at Texas the No. 5 truck of Dean Thompson got loose coming out of turn 4 and spun across the track, bringing out the caution. Many drivers were coming out of the corner and into a smoke screen – with dirt being thrown in their vision from others avoiding a spinning No. 5 truck.

Matt Mills drove into the passenger side door of Thompson’s truck trying to avoid the accident.

  • NASCAR changed from a yellow to red flag conditions and several ambulances and safety crews arrived to the crash area to attend to the drivers involved.
  • Thompson climbed from his machine under his own power, but shortly after he collapsed to the ground next to his No. 5 truck.
  • Trey Hutchens and Matt Mills, who were involved in the collision, were checked and released from the infield care center and Dean Thompson is still being evaluated.

The Main Characters

TRICON gives us another update that Dean Thompson will be transported to Baylor Scott & White Medical Center for further evaluation.

As the truck race is coming to an end, the broadcast updates that Dean Thompson is still being evaluated in the care center.

Matt Mills, who was involved, shared his perspective and his best wishes to Dean Thompson on getting cleared from the care center.

In The Stands

Fans are sending their thoughts and best wishes to Dean Thompson to come out of the infield care center okay.

Curtis makes note of the strong performance that Dean Thompson had today before spinning with 22 to go.

Hunter Wofford shares his thoughts on what he saw take place that led to Dean Thompson getting put on a stretcher.

BrakeHard shares his thoughts on how things should’ve played once the yellow was out.

Joey Stone could feel the impact from just watching it.

On Your Screen

OOTG host, Eric Estepp shares his reaction on twitter on the accident.

From The Pressbox

Toby Christie shares what happened on the front straight away just after the red flag was flown and safety officials were at the scene.

Digital Producer Jonathan Fjeld got some insight on what Matt Mills told MRN.

Motorsports Reporter Stephen Stumpf captured a photo of what was left of Dean Thompson’s No. 5 Toyota.

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Jake Smith

Jake Smith

News Writer for The Daily Downforce.
All Posts

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