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Lewis Hamilton is Interested in NASCAR, Social Media Reacts

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Article Contents

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Seven-time Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton said when asked about NASCAR, "I would love to try it," as first reported by Jenna Fryer.

What’s Happening

Lewis Hamilton piqued the interest of NASCAR fans on Thursday afternoon with an interesting admission in Miami. He is interested in NASCAR, according to Jenna Fryer. Hamilton was in Miami area as Formula One prepares for the second Miami Grand Prix this Sunday.

  • Hamilton is a seven-time Formula One World Champion with 103 career wins. His seven championships are tied with Michael Schumacher for the most all-time, and his 103 wins are the most all-time.
  • This comes amidst preparation for the first of three US races for Formula One this season, with the others being Circuit of the Americas in October and Las Vegas in November. Five F1 World Champions have raced in NASCAR, Jim Clark, Mario Andretti, Jacques Villenueve, Kimi Raikkonen, and Jenson Button.
  • Fans on social media mainly thought of one person Hamilton could go to for his NASCAR ride. That person was Justin Marks with Trackhouse Racing.

Around the Garage

Dale Earnhardt Jr. approves.

Parker Kligerman says YES.

In the Stands

He sure did Sam, and it was awesome.

Project 99 is getting some love.

Justin Marks again being mentioned.

NW147 is also looking towards Project 91.

oral_tsunami with the inside scoop? Maybe? Probably? Who knows.

Ladies and Gentleman…The Beatl…uhh…ChaseTheFalcon

Is Hamilton looking for a full-time ride? Hey we all can dream!

2007 F1 World Championship REMATCH!

Justinius Markimus rises again.

Hamilton in a 23XI car?

NOW, no exceptions for AikkoVsTheWorld.

On Your Screen

Eric’s eyes are WIDE open.

From the Pressbox

May we get a Brad Pitt Days of Thunder remake too?

Nothing like a full TV channel giving a comment on a story like this.

Could Lewis Hamilton become the next Project 91 entry or just the next driver in F1 in general? We shall see, but with F1 growing in the United States, this seems more feasible than in previous years.

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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