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Kyle Larson DOMINATES High Limit Race

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That guy you’ve seen on TikTok talking about cars going right and sometimes left.

It may be Sunday before the NASCAR race, but there’s a lot of news that happened this weekend to get you caught up on like the Hall of Famer who talked to the media for the first time in years or who Kyle Larson took out his frustrations on. Brake Hard is here to break down everything that happened over the weekend and get everyone all caught up

  • Carl Edwards has made his first media appearance in years since he left the sport in a surprising fashion. We all know what happened to Carl Edwards and his final race, and a lot of people believe that that’s the reason that he left NASCAR, but Edwards said repeatedly that this is not the reason. What do you think is the reason that Edward left?
  • During Carl Edwards’ absence from the sport, all NASCAR fans almost universally missed him, and NASCAR fans are still eager to see him back around the race track again. If Carl does come back to NASCAR, what role do you think he’ll have?
  • Kyle Larson has had one of the more disappointing weeks for a driver in quite some time. Unfortunately for the drivers of the High Limit Series, Kyle Larson took out his frustration on that field and dominated the race. With Kyle Larson this motivated, do you think he’s going to win this week?

Do you think Kyle Larson will get a waiver? How will Carl Edwards return to NASCAR? Let Brake Hard know all of your thoughts and questions in the comment section.

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