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Kyle Busch Had Some Choice Words for Corey LaJoie

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Matt Smith

Matt Smith

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Kyle Busch didn't pull any punches when discussing an on track feud between he and Corey Lajoie at Martinsville last week, using a very colorful description of what it's like to race against Corey Lajoie.

What’s Happening?

Kyle Busch had strong words regarding the racing between he and Corey Lajoie at Martinsville. Busch, grabbing his second win at Talladega this past weekend, may be in a more forgiving mood now, but probably not.

  • Kyle Busch says “He’s (Lajoie) been a pain in the D*** to race with.” After contact between he and Lajoie at Martinsville.
  • Rowdy explained that Lajoie seems to race him 20% harder when he is a lap down while trying to get past him. Busch would also explain that he isn’t sure why Lajoie, who mentioned that he turned down into Busch on purpose on his Stacking Pennies podcast, didn’t get penalized like Hamlin did after he admitted to turning into Chastain on purpose at Phoenix on his Actions Detrimental Podcast.
  • Busch is an outspoken driver, mentioning earlier in the season that the sense of respect was gone from the garage area. This is another incident to further his belief on that.

In the Stands

This exchange comparing Busch to Ryan Newman took a comedic turn.

Synotaph is #TeamCorey

RacingFan may not agree with the message, but loves the word choice!

In The pressbox

Nascarcasm, journalist for, says that quote should be on a T-Shirt. We’d buy one!

It is interesting that Lajoie didn;t receive a penalty similar to Hamlin for doing essentially the same thing. Kyle Busch echoed the same sentiment from a lot of drivers in the garage about the “Consistency of inconsistency” when it comes to the governing body.

With KFB’s win at Talladega, surely he can’t still be mad about Martinsville right? That’s totally not how Rowdy rolls.

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Matt Smith

Matt Smith

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