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Jake’s Top 10 NASCAR YouTubers

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Here is my personal list of NASCAR content creators on YouTube to keep you entertained and informed throughout the racing season. From numerous options of news stories from different eras of the sport to the hottest takes in current events these are the Top 10 NASCAR YouTubers.

#10: Real Radman

If you’re into any of the NASCAR video games and take things on the more serious side when it comes to racing these games, Radman is a great guy to watch a route for.

His YouTube channel consists of full season playthroughs on various NASCAR games that have released throughout the years. He gets really in depth with details about race strategies and who he’s racing against for points. He also does weekly race reviews after each Cup race to discuss his thoughts and opinions.

#9: Michael Mrucz

This creator is known for coming up with nicknames for every driver to have ever steered a racecar. His channel is full of comical YouTube shorts based on current NASCAR events and entertaining commentary through his NASCAR gaming videos.

He also does livestreams a few times a week to do a full-length race and interact with his subscribers.

#8: After the Checkered Flag

These guys provide news stories from the Top 3 series in NASCAR on things that may not reach the headlines but are just as important.

Between driver conversations to behind-the-scenes details on major events in NASCAR these guys are great on shining a light on these topics.

#7: Garage Guys

Chase and Dale of Garage Guys are the best to give you the knowledge you need to know for betting on a race weekend. They give their advice on who to bet on for each of the top 3 series in NASCAR throughout the entire season.

They also provide fun and entertaining race recaps.

#6: S1apSh0es

This channel is great to look at if you’re interested in the history of NASCAR. This creator is great at analyzing big or obscure moments in the 75 years this sport has existed. He also provides very insightful informational videos on things fans may not know about NASCAR.

#5: Idk Player

This channel provides the highly competitive NASCAR iRacing eTicket Events as well as great information on the progression of the NASCAR gaming community.

This creator brings lots of life into the NASCAR Sim Racing spectrum and provides great commentary during iRacing events.

#4: DannyBTalks

The creator provides the unique insight of driver interviews to get their reactions after the race. He also provides his predictions for upcoming events as well as stories that fans never got closure on strange events that happened in the sports history.

#3: Black Flags Matter

This creator shares his insight on all things good or bad that have happened in a form of motorsports history. He has many different playlists such as “Gone to Soon” and “NASCAR Busts” which have great detail on the driver history of motorsports.

#2: The Iceberg

On The Iceberg you can find content about NASCAR’s craziest stories in history or a top 10 greatest on a variety of subjects. He also covers current events in the sport and share his thoughts and opinions on the topic, leaving off with a question for his viewers to think about.

#1: Eric Estepp

Eric analyzes any major headline stories in the top 3 NASCAR series, from breaking news to sharing his insight on a controversial moment in the sport. He also provides a great showing of any NASCAR event he attends to show what the track has to offer and his perspective on the event.

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Picture of Jake Smith

Jake Smith

News Writer for The Daily Downforce.
All Posts