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The Exploding Fuel Cell AND Overnight Garage Stay

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This sport wouldn’t be here without the pioneers. I came before the superstars that we have today, and lucky for us. Those pioneers have a lot of stories from a different era of the sport to share with all of us, and there’s no place better to hear those kinds of stories than on The Scene Vault. 

  • NASCAR is full of stories of “innovation” things that people do to make their cars faster that may or may not have been allowed in the Rule Book. What is your favorite instance of “innovation”?
  • Especially if you are in a packed NASCAR Cup Series garage, out of all the things that could explode in your car, is the fuel cell the worst thing? 
  • NASCAR is a sport for hard workers and people who want to get the job done, so if it takes all night to repair something on the car, you bet that everyone in the Cup Series garage will be willing to work overnight. Is NASCAR the hardest-working sport?

What’s your favorite story from the past? Have you ever heard of an expanding fuel cell before? Let The Scene Vault know all of your thoughts and questions in the comment section.

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