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How Do Fans Want to Improve NASCAR on FOX?

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Yesterday, we at the Daily Downforce put together some suggestions on how to improve NASCAR broadcasts on FOX. Not only did we give our suggestions, but fans responded to the piece giving their own suggestions on how to improve NASCAR on FOX. What were some of the most popular suggestions?

Jamie McMurray in the Booth/Clint Bowyer Out

Marcspeare would prefer McMurray in over Clint Bowyer.

Mathiew Fortin wants McMurray in the booth full-time, and he also wants the return of SPEED.

Jenn H. wants this simple change.

Nick DeMers wants Jamie McMurray in the booth.

Tyler Hudy wants Clint Bowyer gone and Jamie McMurray replaced.

Matt Rosenberg wants Bowyer gone, and the producers and directors with them.

Trebor Snevets wants Clint Bowyer gone.

Mike Caldwell wants Clint Bowyer’s role to be augmented somewhat.

Less Commercials

Andy Smith has some solutions for FOX to have less commercials.

Sharon wants less commercials.

Jan Baker wants more racing and less commercials.

Michael Palladorous also wants more excitement in the booth.

Rj says there are too many commercials.

Post Race Interviews in Victory Lane

Justin Schram wants Victory lane interviews back.

Tom prefers post-race interviews in victory lane.

More Post-Race Coverage

Donivan Warren has a very specific formula for more post-race coverage.

John Shelton wants there to be more post-race coverage.

Robby Moore wants condensed pre-race for a longer post-race.

Better Directing

A.W. Holten wants there to be better collaboration between commentators and directors.

Matthew Connell wants a new director.

Eric Larson says there were times when the commentators would talk about one thing, but there was another thing on-screen.

NASCAR on FOX has gone through some scrutiny during this broadcast season. Time will tell if this scrutiny causes them to change what they do.

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Joshua Lipowski

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