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How did NASCAR Teams and Drivers Pass Time during the Chicago Rain Delay?

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NASCAR is doing something they have never done in their 75 year history. For the first time NASCAR is running a street course on the streets of Chicago.

In typical NASCAR fashion, Mother Nature follows the series wherever they go, and she decided to dump a LOT of rain on the city today.

NASCAR teams and drivers are used to delays for the weather, and they continue to find interesting/fun ways to pass the time during a delay. Take a look at how they made the most of the rainy day in the windy city!

Great teamwork!

Denny Hamlin’s team found a fun way to dry their pit stall, who knew sweeping water was a 2 man job?

NASCAR Boat series

The Trackhouse guys are true competitors, finding any way possible to do some racing!

The deep end

Kaulig Racing shows just how much water came down in ChiTown.

Runaway tire

Noah Gragson shows the water taking a tire away, I wonder if this warrants an uncontrolled tire penalty?

The deep end: Part 2

Kaulig was kind enough to give another perspective of the sheer depth of the water on “pond road”.

Dude! Where’s my tire?

Yeah, we get it Mother Nature, you have made your point.

Water on…. water?

Our friends at Live Fast shows us that they do in fact have a funny bone, and a loose water bottle.

At track Necessities: Chicago Edition

The OOTG gang found an essential item that you typically wouldn’t bring to a NASCAR race.

Aluma Trailers

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Picture of Matt Smith

Matt Smith

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