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Hendrick Motorsports Spent $3 MILLION On Kyle Larson’s Indy 500 Run

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That guy you’ve seen on TikTok talking about cars going right and sometimes left.

One of the questions that a lot of NASCAR fans have been asking is why Kyle Larson would choose the Indy 500 over the Coca-Cola 600 other than the prestige and accomplishing the double there is a massive financial reason that Hendrick Motorsports allowed Kyle Larson to race the 500. Brake Hard is here to explain all of it to us.

  • Hendrick put up a $3 million investment for Kyle Larson to race the Indy 50, and throughout the month of May, Kyle Larson was the most talked about race car driver in the world. Do you think this investment was a good one for Hendrick and Hendrick cars? 
  • After realizing how much money Rick Hendrick put up to accomplish this race, how much did the potential financial loss play a part in Kyle Larson not starting the Coca-Cola 600? 
  • Unfortunately, Kyle Larson was unable to complete the double due to the weather. He and NASCAR fans hope that he has another chance to do this, but with the massive financial toll that it takes, do you think Kyle Larson will attempt the double next year?

Did the amount of money invested surprise you? What other drivers do you think may attempt the double? Let Brake Hard know all of your thoughts and questions in the comment section.

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