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Everything We Know About the NASCAR Electric Series

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What’s Happening?

Last week, we saw some hints about NASCAR’s interest in electric cars and speculation of an electric series in NASCAR. Here is everything we know about NASCAR’s interest in electric cars and an electric series.

  • NASCAR has made it no secret that it is interested in alternative fuels. Some speculate that this is a potential must for NASCAR to attract a new manufacturer. However, whether using electric cars is the best path forward is uncertain.
  • Last week, Nitrocross executives Travis Pastrana and Dana White said they are talking with NASCAR about the Group E electric division of Nitrocross. What exactly could this partnership look like?
  • Fans are very split on the idea of NASCAR committing to electric cars. Some love the idea, but others do not feel it fits NASCAR very well.

NASCAR’s Interest in Electric Cars

We know this, NASCAR is exploring the possibilities of electric cars. NASCAR assembled an electric stock car prototype that they intended to showcase at the Clash at the LA Coliseum this February before rain derailed those plans. This is both that car and what NASCAR’s Chief Operating Officer, Steve O’Donnell, had to say during last year’s “State of the Sport” Press Conference.

Yeah, a lot of work’s gone on at the R&D department around EV. We have a car. We have an alternative body style with that car. I would not look for us specifically to go racing with it. I think you could see it showcased at certain events next year. But there’s other forms that we want to look at.

Steve O’Donnell

O’Donnell later noted that NASCAR was also looking at hydrogen power. Adam Stern of Sports Business Journal reported in May that NASCAR could switch to hybrids in 2026 and 2027, alongside a new manufacturer joining. With new manufacturers’ desire for alternative fuel, it’s not impossible that this could be a must before someone like Honda joins NASCAR.

NASCAR is not locked into electric cars by any means, but it has an interest in them. This was evidenced when The Race reported that Formula E is set to host a race on the Homestead-Miami Speedway infield road course.

It makes sense for NASCAR to explore all avenues of alternative fuel. That has turned into discussions with an electric racing series.

What Dana White Had to Say

Dana White joined the FLAGRANT Podcast in early June, and he talked about a myriad of business ventures. One of which is his partnership with Travis Pastrana on Nitrocross. White said that he and NASCAR and will talk very soon about partnering with NASCAR on the electric division of the series.

We own Travis Pastrana’s nitrocross, which is electric car racing. We’re actually after Fourth of July, I do Fourth of July at my house in Maine, I’m flying to NASCAR, and we’re doing a deal with NASCAR. We’re going to be the electric series for NASCAR. We’re working on that deal right now.

Dana White

Now, what in the world is Nitrocross? This rallycross series was founded by Travis Pastrana, who has 49 career NASCAR starts between the Cup, Xfinity, and Truck Series. They started an electric division within the series in 2022, Group E.

This is likely what White was referring to, and a meeting is seemingly set for just after the fourth of July. However, to be the “electric series” of NASCAR implies that NASCAR is overtaking the sanctioning of that series and fully bringing it into the fold. Is NASCAR going that far?

What Travis Pastrana Had to Say

Travis Pastrana recently talked with Cody Gobig and Dominik Wilde of RACER. Pastrana specifically responded to White’s comments about meeting with NASCAR. While he confirmed the two are talking, he pushed back against the idea of NASCAR outright taking over the series, saying, “We’ll always stand on our own.”

We’d like to have a relationship with them [NASCAR]. What that looks like, we don’t know, but we’re having a lot of talks and trying to understand what that could look like

Travis Pastrana

Yes, conversations are going on between the two sides. What does that look like exactly? We don’t know yet. Time will tell what this ultimately looks like.

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