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Did the 2025 NASCAR Schedule Just Leak?

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What’s Happening?

On Wednesday, a social media post on X by “NASCAR Leaks” made the rounds, showcasing a potential leaked 2025 NASCAR Cup Series schedule. Could this actually be the 2025 schedule? Unfortunately, some problems indicate it is not.

  • The 2025 NASCAR schedule has to fit into an interesting box. This is primarily centered around TV partners and the 2025 in-season tournament.
  • New venues have also been rumored for the 2025 schedule. All of these appear on this schedule, but some are more realistic.
  • Fans are hoping that this is the real 2025 schedule. However, they were also quick to point out the flaws in the rumored schedule.

Problem 1: TV Partners and the In-Season Tournament

The most glaring issue with this schedule is that TNT is allotted six races when it should have five. This means the in-season tournament also has six races on this rumored schedule when it should be five, and NBC’s portion has only 13 races instead of 14.

One could write this off as a simple typo on a rough draft of the schedule, but given that this was a leak and not an official announcement, that’s tough to believe. It’s also not the only strange change to the 2025 schedule.

Problem 2: Charlotte Oval in the Fall

Many fans are hoping to see the Charlotte fall race move back to the oval from the Roval. However, seeing it happen in 2025 seems incredibly unrealistic. This comes after Charlotte Motor Speedway announced a major change to the Roval for the 2024 race in hopes of improving the racing.

Why would Charlotte make such a major change to the Roval only to abandon the project before even seeing the change in action? If they’re seriously considering moving back to the oval layout, they theoretically could switch to the oval if the 2024 race is a flop. Even then, that could be a stretch.

Problem 3: Rockingham

In the wake of the return of North Wilkesboro Speedway to the 2025 NASCAR schedule, many fans are clambering for Rockingham to return to the NASCAR schedule. While Rockingham is on this potentially leaked schedule, it seems like a stretch.

First off, nothing has indicated that Rockingham will return in 2025 aside from a potentially joking remark from Carson Hocevar on a Twitch stream and Dan Lovenheim telling the Charlotte Observer that, by the end of 2024, the track will be “NASCAR-ready.” On top of that, Rockingham would replace the spring Darlington date, which might not go over well with fans

Overall, this schedule, while not impossible, has some questionable changes on it that question its’ legitimacy. More than likely, this isn’t a true schedule leak.

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