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BrakeHard on The Daily Downforce

Denny Hamlin’s Crew Chief Speaks Out

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That guy you’ve seen on TikTok talking about cars going right and sometimes left.

Denny Hamlin’s crew chief spoke out about the controversial restart at Richmond, claiming that 3 drivers could have been penalized. Brakehard breaks down these comments in his most recent video.

  • Chris Gabehart joined Sirius XM NASCAR Radio and claimed that 3 drivers were laying back on the final restart, and, if Hamlin was penalized, those other drivers should have been penalized. Brakehard believes that this is an incorrect analysis.
  • Brakehard also looks at the entire response to the controversial restart. He believes that Hamlins and Gabehart are not handling this situation very well.
  • Brakehard believes Gabehart and Hamlin are playing into the villain’s role. However, is Hamlin a good villain?

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