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Could Kaulig Racing Pick Up the Fourth SHR Charter?

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What’s Happening?

If there’s anything we know about where the fourth Stewart-Haas Racing charter will go, we do not know anything at all. A few teams theoretically could buy a charter, and one of those teams is Kaulig Racing. Would it make any sense for Kaulig to buy a third charter?

  • Kaulig Racing has been the center of many rumors regarding its relationship with Trackhouse this Silly Season, particularly the possibility of a merger. However, Chris Rice recently debunked those rumors. Could a third charter be up their sleeve?
  • However, Kaulig Racing also made some strange moves in recent months. This raises the question of whether they have the money to buy a third charter for their race team.
  • Fans have not included Kaulig Racing in the charter discussion. However, with so little known information about where the fourth charter will go, everyone who theoretically could buy a charter is worth discussing.

Recent Chris Rice Comments

Earlier this month, Chris Rice spoke out about recent rumors regarding Kaulig. While he vehemently denied the rumors of merging with Trackhouse, he teased that Kaulig has something up their sleeve that no one is expecting.

We have a lot of cool things going on. I spent some time in Ohio this week, first part of the week, and I’m pretty excited about it. When it does, when we’re able to talk about it and able to share it, I think everybody else is going to be relieved.

Chris Rice

Rice later provided a timeline, hinting that the next month or so, alongside the prospective charter agreement, will play a big role in the news about Kaulig. Given the recent developments, this could mean that Kaulig is considering purchasing an SHR charter, emphasis on could.

Kaulig Racing has previously fielded a third Cup Series car on a part-time basis, the No. 13. This car made four appearances in 2023, with Chandler Smith making three starts and Jonathan Davenport making one. The No. 13 car has only made one start this year, with A.J. Allmendinger at Circuit of the Americas.

It also could help their relationship with Trackhouse. Maybe someone like SVG could spend a year or two at Kaulig Racing in the Cup Series before moving to Trackhouse full-time.

Does Kaulig have the equipment to field a third full-time car? They have done it before, but, fielding it full-time is a major undertaking.

Is This Realistic?

Charters cost $10s of millions, so, whoever wants a charter needs to pony up a lot of money. Kaulig Racing is not necessarily underfunded, they’ve won races in both the Cup Series and Xfinity Series. However, finances played a large role in how they handled last off-season.

The team made the peculiar decision to drop Justin Haley, whom they had groomed up the pipeline. A.J. Allmendinger, who has both of Kaulig’s Cup Series wins was dropped to Xfinity for 2024.. Both of these drivers left for the same reason: funding.

Haley said of the move, “[Matt Kaulig] is a businessman, and he needs to make business decisions.”

Chris Rice had this to say to Jordan Bianchi about moving Allmendinger down: “It’s a lot about sponsorship dollars, funding, and that kind of thing.”

Kaulig goes from a team strapped for sponsorship cash to having enough free cash to field an entirely new car in only about a year? That’s not impossible, but, it is a big shift.

At the end of the day, any team that could buy a charter is one to watch for this SHR charter. Maybe a surprise team like Kaulig could jump in.

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