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BrakeHard on The Daily Downforce

Clash at the Coliseum Reaction and Score

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That guy you’ve seen on TikTok talking about cars going right and sometimes left.

The Clash at the Coliseum left us with plenty to talk about, and now, it’s Brakehard’s turn to talk about the race. He gives his instant reaction to the race along with his score for how it went in his most recent video.

  • Brakehard mentions how NASCAR was in a “lose-lose” situation, and why it made sense to him for the Clash to race on Saturday. This comes from someone who bought tickets to the race.
  • As far as how the race was, Brakehard believes this was the best Clash at the LA Coliseum. He liked the racing throughout the field.
  • While the crowd was not big, Brakehard offered a more optimistic perspective on the crowd. Given what was originally happening and the late schedule change, he felt the crowd was good.

With the Clash now in the rearview mirror, fans can turn their attention to the Daytona 500. Be sure to follow Brakehard as he keeps tabs on all of the latest NASCAR news.

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