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Chastain Does it Again at Gateway

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Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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Ross Chastain once again found himself causing an accident by spinning Michael McDowell on Sunday.

What’s Happening?

Ross Chastain has been one of the focal points this season for all of the wrong reasons. Chastain once again found himself in the spotlight, this time for wrecking Michael McDowell at the beginning of stage two.

  • The wreck happened on the restart to begin stage two after Michael McDowell restarted near the front on two tires. Chastain had taken four tires, and was noticeably faster than McDowell. McDowell would rebound to get a top-10 finish.
  • This comes amidst Chastain being at the center of controversy for some aggressive moves and wrecks during the early races of the season. Team owner Justin Marks said that he planned to talk with Chastain about the aggressiveness following Darlington. Since then, Chastain has had two 22nd place finishes.
  • Fans on social media were not happy with Chastain after this. They are tired of seeing this same act week after week.

In the Stands

Hard to argue that.

Back in action he is indeed.

He did get through Charlotte and North Wilkesboro clean.

Brett called this a racing incident.

Eric Shane criticized Clint Bowyer for how he called this incident.

Dinoco Blue is not buying the rumble strip excuse.

On Your Screen

Difficult it is Eric.

Indeed there is something about Ross Chastain and Gateway.

From the Pressbox

Jeff Gluck kept an eye on McDowell and got rewarded.

Davey Segal gave insight into what Michael McDowell said immediately following the incident.

It was definitely not an ideal moment or an ideal day for Chastain. However, McDowell was able to recover for a nice finish. Chastain is obviously on a bit of a cold streak, and moments like this are not going to help him much.

Circle B Diecast Push Down

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Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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