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Carson Hocevar Wrecks Corey Heim

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Article Contents

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Hocevar spun Corey Heim, setting off a wild reaction from fans and drivers alike.

What’s Happening?

Carson Hocevar wrecked his Championship rival and Championship favorite Corey Heim with 31 laps to go at Phoenix. Heim passed Hocevar a lap prior, but Hocevar bumped Heim just enough in turn one to take the spot. The move was for the top spot amongst the Championship contenders.

You Need to Know:

  • Hocevar and Heim were on differing pit strategies before this move happened. Heim pitted under the stage break between stage two and three, and Hocevar pitted near the end of stage two.
  • Hocevar and Heim do not have a history, but this is not the first time Hocevar has made a controversial move at the end of a race. He spun out Nick Sanchez from the lead at Texas in what would turn out to be Hocevar’s first win.
  • Social media had a field day with this move. Many in the industry and fans themselves made their comments, with the blame basically universally landing on Hocevar.

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On Your Screen

BrakeHard was not buying Hocevar’s excuse.

Big oof indeed Eric.

David Land saw it coming.

JettMDK says there is no way that was an accidental wreck.

Around the Garage

Tyler Reddick was quite critical of Hocevar.

Indeed Brett Moffitt

TRICON with a great Twitter response.

Indeed Daniel Hemric

It was a crazy incident Kyle Weatherman, a crazy incident indeed.

A perfect way to describe it Ryan Vargas.

In the Stands

JasonCarter does not believe Hocevar did that by accident.

Keith Sherman with a Jim Carey gif to depict Hocevar’s move of Heim.

Jordan McGraw says this is just Hocevar being Hocevar.

It’s not over yet Nathan.

From the Pressbox

Jordan Bianchi lets everyone know what Heim had to say.

Oh boy, this race just got very dramatic. Can Heim make the comeback of ages to win the Championship? He has fresher tires than many in the field, and he has time.

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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