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Bubba Wallace Subjected to Derogatory Remarks After North Wilkesboro Race

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Article Contents

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Bubba Wallace's radio was hacked after the North Wilkesboro All-Star race and subjected to heckling, although it is believed that Wallace was unaware of the incident.

What’s Happening?

After finishing 2nd in the All Star Race at North Wilkesboro Speedway, Bubba Wallace’s radio seemed to be hacked by an unknown individual. According to Phil Spain, the fan said two derogatory sentences on the radio telling Wallace, “Go back where you came from asshole,” and “you’re not wanted in NASCAR.”

  • 23XI Racing later reported that Wallace did not hear the derogatory remarks on the radio. No one yet knows who made the remarks or how they got into Wallace’s radio to begin with.
  • Wallace is one of the most polarizing figures in NASCAR for more reasons than one. That was exemplified by the reaction he received during the All-Star Race weekend.
  • Fans were generally on Bubba Wallace’s side for this particular incident. Regardless of how split fans are on Wallace, this incident seemed to have a general consensus of being supportive of Bubba, at least publicly on social media. However, some fans did point out how this raises concern over NASCAR radio security.

The Main Characters

Jim Utter later said that NASCAR is investigating the remarks made to Wallace following the race.

Bubba Wallace was the subject of boos all weekend, and even had some comments on it after the Truck Series race on Saturday.

Around the Garage

Ryan Vargas had one word for the fan who made the comment to Wallace.

In the Stands

Tyler Stooksbury was sad to see what was said to Wallace on the radio.

@amynoble182 was also shocked to see what happened.

Mike wants to see the fan who did this banned.

David Lerner was surprised at what he saw.

Hacking into radios is objectively a disturbing trend.

NASCAR is investigating the incident.

On Your Screen

Darian Gilliam had his own thoughts on the incident.

Darian is rooting for Bubba at this point.

From the Pressbox

The Racing Report points out that getting hacked is not uncommon.

There is a lot of layers to this story, but the bottom line is that Wallace is the subject of split opinion amongst the fanbase. Whatever NASCAR finds as a result of this investigation will be closely watched.

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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