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SRX Bans Paul Tracy Over Driver Safety

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Article Contents

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Picture of Cody Williams

Cody Williams

Cody Williams is the author of BUNNY BOY and THE FIFTH LINE. He lives near Bristol, TN.
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The All-Star Racing Series Bans Open-Wheel Legend Over Aggressive Driving Concerns

What’s Happening?

Following the third race of the third season of the Superstar Racing Experience, which saw NASCAR great Kyle Busch walk away with the victory, it was announced that the governing body of the SRX has banned open wheel legend and SRX veteran, Paul Tracy.

This news comes after an on-track incident involving Tracy and NASCAR legend Kenny Schrader. In a post-race interview, Schrader stated that he will not run another SRX race if Paul Tracy was allowed to continue racing, calling for the governing body to step in, which they did. In an official statement posted the following day, the SRX officially announced that they had suspended Tracy, though an actual time frame was not stated.

You Need to Know:

  • Tracy has a reputation for overaggressive driving particularly during his tenure in the SRX Series. Through his three years of competition, he has had several run-ins with the likes of Schrader as well as Hailie Deegan, Bobby Labonte, and Michael Waltrip. Since beginning his run in the SRX, Tracy has been at the center of controversy each season, even being labeled as an SRX Bust by our friend Black Flags Matter.
  • The SRX Series was founded in late 2020 and ran its first season in 2021. The summer-exclusive series is meant to be a modern-day IROC series, though many of the drivers who have participated in the series in the past have been retired drivers wanting to get their hands a little dirty with some classic late night short track racing. The series is supposed to be a fun experience for all of its drivers, and while tempers do have a tendency to flare up, it has been Paul Tracy who has found him self in the center of most of those controversies.
  • While there are some fans who sympathize with Tracy and claim that he was the only reason the summer series was exciting in the first place, there are a lion share more who are also fed up with Tracy’s on-track antics. Many of them are glad to see him gone, and look forward to an announcement in regards to his replacement.

In the Tweet below, Mr. Matthew Racing shares footage of the incident which proved to be the final straw for the SRX and Paul Tracy. In this footage, you can see Tracy in the lime green car crowd Josef Newgarden into the wall, which then collected Schrader.

The Main Characters

The main characters here are obviously Paul Tracy and Kenny Schrader. Our friends at Frontstretch caught up with both of them. In the interview below, Schrader shrugs and says that Tracy takes people out every week. Meanwhile, Tracy claims that he got hooked by Newgarden.

Schrader seems even more upset in this post-race interview with Matt Weaver.

Kyle Dalton tweeted this post-race television video interview with Schrader.

Around The Garage

Adam Cheek tweets this quote from race winner, Kyle Busch.

Deegan has also had her fair share of run-ins with Tracy.

Meanwhile, in response to SRX’s official statement, Jeremy Mayfield is available.

From The Officials

The official announcement of Tracy’s suspension was made on Friday, July 28th, 2023. Below is a tweet from SRX’s official Twitter page containing their statement on the matter.

In The Stands

Lori Huffstutler is on Kenny’s side. She understands why Schrader is upset and even claims that Paul Tracy is dangerous.

John Moody is also blunt, saying that Tracy is just awful.

Sparty On criticizes Tracy as having hit “everything but the pace car.”

Dave Mann also comes to Schrader’s aid, coming to the conclusion that the man of the No. 52 has every right to be fed up after that race on Thursday night.

Ian thinks Paul Tracy should be booed for life, calling the open wheel driver a “clown”.

Some harsh words from this Steve Phelps parody account.

Dave Wells, however, feels differently. She enjoyed Tracy’s antics and excuses them for bringing excitement to an otherwise boring series.

Chad Almond tweeted this GIF as Schrader ultimately got what he wanted.

From The Pressbox

Jim Utter reported that Schrader said, in no uncertain terms, that he would not race again if Paul Tracy was allowed to come back to the series.

In the end, Paul Tracy becomes the first driver to ever be banned from the SRX Series. Do you think this decision is justified or is it an overcorrection? Let us know and follow us on all of our social media platforms for the latest news in NASCAR and motorsports in general.

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Picture of Cody Williams

Cody Williams

Cody Williams is the author of BUNNY BOY and THE FIFTH LINE. He lives near Bristol, TN.
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