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A Cup Points Race at North Wilkesboro Could Be Coming

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Article Contents

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CEO and President of Speedway Motors Marcus Smith revealed they have already started working on next year's schedule for North Wilkesboro, and depending on ticket sales, a points event at the track could happen.

What’s Happening?

The revival of North Wilkesboro is one of the most anticipated events for NASCAR in recent memory. An idea spearheaded by Dale Jr to revive the once abandoned speedway has come to fruition, and Cup cars will see the asphalt of North Wilkesboro for the first time since 1996.

A lot has changed in the almost 30 years since we last raced at North Wilkesboro, a gallon of gas was $1.23 in 1996, and while we won’t see those prices again, at least we will see racing at North Wilkesboro again.

Getting North Wilkesboro back at all was a miracle, and now that the prospect of a points race at the track is becoming a very realistic possibility, it goes to show how passionate not only fans, but legends of the sport are about our sports roots.

You need to know;

  • Marcus Smith, the CEO and President of Speedway Motorsports (the owners of North Wilkesboro Speedway, said in a tweet that fan turnout and ticket sales will play a big part in the future of North Wilkesboro.
  • Smith would go on to say that early indications are very encouraging based on ticket sales.
  • As a fan, seeing North Wilkesboro come back is special. For some, it truly is a homecoming, and for others, it will be the first time they will get to see action at North Wilkesboro in person and not from video archives.

The Main Character

Adam Stern would drop one of his famous Stern Bombs early Thursday morning, with news regarding North Wilkesboro Speedway’s future.

The turnout from the fans is important in our decision making, and NASCAR’s decision making. … By the show of ticket sales it’s very encouraging, and we are working on next year’s schedule already

Marcus Smith, CEO & President Speedway Motorsports

Marcus Smith was a large part of this revival in conjunction with Dale Jr, and for him to say things are looking encouraging, and the question of a points race wasn’t immediately shut down.

In the Stands

Mason see’s Vegas losing a date to add a points event at NWB.

Vicki remembers the chatter of the Coliseum getting a points race.

VCrow with an idea regarding the throwback weekend

Wvwraith seems a bit greedy, wanting not only NWB, but Rockingham too. Honestly, not a bad idea.

Final Thoughts

While this story is certainly still developing, the prospect of a points race at North Wilkesboro seems like a fantasy. The NASCAR schedule has certainly evolved and changed so much since 2020, and this would very well be another crazy addition to the circuit.

With Fontana being off the schedule for at least a couple of years during its reconfiguration, does that open the door for NWB to make a return as a points paying race?

While turnout and ticket sales are certainly important, racing product will also have to play into the decision. We get it, North Wilkesboro is a nostalgia explosion, but keep in mind, we haven’t seen racing at the track since 1996, and the cars and package has changed so much since then.

What do you think about the prospect of a points race returning to North Wilkesboro? Also, do you think the racing will be exciting and entertaining, or with it being a short track, will it suffer in the passing department much like the current short tracks on the schedule?

One thing is guaranteed, it will be one of the most watched All Star races in a LONG time.

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Matt Smith

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