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5 Takeaways from NASCAR Pole Position August-September

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It’s time for a brand new version of NASCAR Pole Position Magazine! Be sure to subscribe to the magazine to read these great articles we will preview here at

1. 53 Year Old NASCAR Rookie (P. 8)

How often do you see 53 year old rookies in any sport, let alone NASCAR? Jon Garrett is doing just that by racing in the ARCA Menards Series. It took him a long time to get to this point, and Jared Turner goes into detail about Garrett’s history and racing career.

What was it that brought Garrett to ARCA at this point. What was the unlikely connection that got him to where he is today? Turner goes into all of that here.

2. Up-And-Coming Driver Q&A: Frankie Muniz (P. 12-13)

Joseph Wolkin was able to catch up with one of the ARCA Menards Series most intriguing prospects, Frankie Muniz. Muniz talks in this Q&A about how he balances acting with being a race car driver, along with how he feels this season has gone.

He has impressed immensely in the ARCA Menards Series this season, with seven top-10 finishes in seven races. He does not have a win yet, though, and he talks about what a win could mean to him in this Q&A as well.

3. NASCAR Graphic Designers (P. 24-25)

Dustin Albino spent some time writing about a couple of NASCAR graphic designers. Dustin talked about Emily Butler, who creates NASCAR clothing. She talks about what made her a NASCAR fan and what inspired her to get into graphic design

Dustin also talks about Noah Sweet, a 22 year old paint scheme designer. Yes, a paint scheme designer! How did Sweet get into it? Justin Albino talks about it in this piece.

4. NASCAR Legends (P. 32-45)

With NASCAR’s 75th anniversary season continuing on, racing historian Ben White spent some time talking about great NASCAR legends. The legends are distinguished by their most famous car numbers.

White goes into detail about these driver’s lives and racing careers. All of their biggest accomplishments and best quotes are all documented in this piece.

5. Chris Buescher Q&A

The subject of this edition’s NASCAR Q&A is Chris Buescher, the driver of the number 17 car for RFK Racing. This Q&A focuses mainly on Buescher’s time with RFK Racing, and the improvements he has made this season.

He is currently in the midst of his best season in the Cup Series. He is well within striking distance of pointing his way into the Playoffs for the first time in his career.

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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