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Zane Smith Literally Burns it Down in Victory Lane

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Jake Smith

Jake Smith

News Writer for The Daily Downforce.
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Zane Smith's truck catches on fire after his burnout celebration at COTA.

What’s Happening

Zane Smith holds off veteran driver Kyle Busch to get his second consecutive win at COTA in the Craftsman Truck Series. He led the final 15 laps of the race and crossed the finish line 5.451 seconds ahead of Rowdy.

  • Zane Smith is the first repeat winner at COTA in NASCAR’s top 3 series.
  • The mudflaps on the truck caught on fire after Zane Smith’s burnout
  • Track safety officials had to interrupt Zane’s post-race interview to put out the massive fire that engulfed the No. 38 Ford.

The Main Characters

Front Row Motorsports likes their tires like their steaks, cooked to perfection.

Around The Garage

Someone who knows something about starting fires after burnouts gave a shoutout to Zane.

In The Stands

Austin wants to see Lionel Racing make a raced version diecast.

Nick Asselin noticed Harvick’s negative comments on the mudflaps during the broadcast.

Justplainbob isn’t a fan of seeing burnouts for cases like these where they caused damaged to good equipment.

On Your Screen

Eric shares some humor with Zane Smith being the ‘Hottest Driver in NASCAR.’

From The Press

Bob Pockrass talks to Zane Smith and gets his theory on what caused his truck to catch on fire.

The Xfinity Series glad that they’re not in charge of raced win diecast.

Jeff Gluck shares about Zane’s winning truck on fire.

Jordan Bianchi tweets about Zane “burnin’ it down” in COTA.

Matthew Burroughs paused the broadcast at the right time to show todays winner epically staring down his truck as it burns.

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Jake Smith

Jake Smith

News Writer for The Daily Downforce.
All Posts

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