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Why North Wilkesboro Still Deserves A Points Race

The Iceberg

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A few years ago, Dale Jr started an effort to bring back North Wilkesboro Speedway; it was helped by fans, former drivers, and even the government. Since then, NASCAR has yet to have a points-paying race at the racetrack and The Iceberg is here to answer the question a lot of fans have been thinking, does North Wilkesboro deserve a point race?

  • Something that hurt this year‘s All-Star race along with every short track this year has been the lack of passing. Usually, lap traffic can usually help with this, but there are not enough cars at the All-Star race to make a difference. If North Wilkesboro had a point race with more cars on track would it make for a better race?
  • The hype in North Wilkesboro has gotten from NASCAR fans hasn’t been seen in decades but if you remove the All-Star race from the track and it doesn’t have a marquee event helping it, would North Wilkesboro Speedway be just as popular as a points race?
  • Over the two races that NASCAR has run at North Wilkesboro Speedway none of them have been very entertaining and that’s not something you want for the All-Star race. Would you like to see the All-Star race be run at a different track?

Can North Wilkesboro Speedway handle a full NASCAR points race? Would you like to see a longer race at North Wilkesboro? Let The Iceberg know your thoughts and questions in the comment section.

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