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Why Kyle Busch Probably Won’t Leave RCR in 2025

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What’s Happening?

Kyle Busch is in the midst of the longest losing streak of his career and is currently outside the Playoffs. Martin Truex Jr.’s retirement caused many fans to speculate whether or not a reunion between Busch and JGR could happen. While Kyle Busch did say, “Anything’s possible,” this probably will not happen, and here is why.

  • Kyle Busch is in his second season with Richard Childress Racing. He won three of his first 15 races with the team but has not won since. He is now 38 points out of the Playoffs, sitting 16th in the points standings.
  • Busch did not necessarily leave Joe Gibbs Racing on his terms, as his move from JGR coincided with Ty Gibbs’s move up the pipeline and Mars Chocolate’s departure from the sport. This caused his move to RCR.
  • Fans have seen Busch’s struggles, and many hoped to see a reunion between Busch and JGR. However, that simply will not happen.

Kyle Busch’s Current Situation

When asked about his future, Busch did not rule out the possibility of returning to JGR at some point. However, he remains committed to RCR.

I would say anything’s possible always. If I was welcomed [at JGR], I would go back. If Hendrick welcomed me back, I would go back. But, right now, I am at RCR with my group of guys, and the deal that I have right now in place. So, we’re trying to work and build this program and make RCR great again.

Kyle Busch

Busch answered affirmatively when asked whether he planned to return to RCR next year. When asked whether JGR reached out to him, Busch said they did not, alluding to the “No-talk clauses” in his RCR contract. Candice Lee Spencer reported earlier in June that Busch’s contract has a team option for 2025, meaning RCR controls whether or not he stays or leaves.

Frankly, it’s tough to imagine why RCR would let Busch go. He’s a Hall of Fame-caliber driver with the most wins of any driver on the grid currently. The “No-talk clauses” also mean Busch cannot communicate with other teams, preventing anything from getting off the ground.

However, Busch’s response indicates that he would jump at the chance to return to a top team. Again, leaving JGR was not necessarily Busch’s choice. As Busch indicated when he made his RCR announcement in 2022, it ultimately came down to a lack of sponsorship and a prospect (Ty Gibbs) ready to move up to the Cup Series.

Busch leaving RCR may happen at some point. However, it likely isn’t happening at the end of this year. 2025 going into 2026, however, could be a different story.

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