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The Iceberg on The Daily Downforce

Why Is NASCAR’s Attendance Up?

The Iceberg

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If you look at the attendance in the front stretch grandstand in 2024’s NASCAR races, you would think that the year is 2004. The Iceberg is here to try to figure out why this is happening. Could it be new growing stars, diehard fans showing more support, or is it tracks only getting only one race a year?

  • It’s been four years since the Covid season and we’ve seen that NASCAR is one of the only sports to have continued growth. Could this be the reason that the attendance seems to be growing?
  • While the Covid lockdown was going on, most sports were shut down. Is it possible that NASCAR is seeing a growth in attendance because diehard fans are more likely to buy tickets to the races they have the opportunity to attend?
  • Another reason fans would be more appreciative of the opportunity to go to a race could be because there are significantly fewer grandstands than there were in NASCAR’s heyday. Are you having trouble finding tickets to your favorite race?  

Are we now in an era where Chase Elliott could pull as many tickets as Jeff Gordon? Should NASCAR add more stands if they are selling out race tracks to be able to compete with the attendance of NASCAR’s heyday? Let the iceberg know all of your thoughts and questions in his comment section.

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