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Who Will Drive the 38 Truck for Front Row Motorsports in 2024?

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Zane Smith leaving Front Row to drive in the Cup Series in 2024 has left open a very prominent seat in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series. There are plenty of drivers who are likely lining up to try to take this seat in 2024, so, who are the major candidates for this truck in 2024?

Brett Moffitt

Brett Moffitt could be out at AM Racing heading into 2024, and he is a former Truck Series Champion. If he wants to get into a ride where he knows he can and will win races, Front Row Motorsports may be the place for him to go.

He won a race for the team at Talladega this year while running a second car. If Ford wants to keep Moffitt in their ecosystem, this may be the place to go. Plus it gives Moffitt a chance to win races.

Matt DiBenedetto

Matt DiBenedetto is not only out of a ride for 2024, but he is also out of a ride for the final three races of 2023. Front Row will not give him a ride in these final races with Zane Smith still in the Championship hunt, but DiBenedetto can put his full focus on where he will race in 2024. Front Row would be an interesting place for him to land because it is competitive, and it has a direct line to the Cup Series.

However, would it be mutually beneficial for Front Row and Ford? Ford is sorely lacking young driver talent, and signing on a veteran like DiBenedetto does not exactly fix that problem. It may not fit exactly what Ford could be looking for in their next driver, but, if the opportunity comes across DiBenedetto’s doorstep, he would likely consider it.

Noah Gragson

Noah Gragson is now looking to rebuild his career after his suspension and subsequent release from Legacy Motor Club. He may have to look to the Craftsman Truck Series for his next opportunity, and Front Row is by far the best team available. Gragson has been a Chevrolet driver for most of his career, but Ford may be intrigued to sign him.

He is a young driver with potential, and Ford is in need of young driver talent. It also gives Gragson a direct line upwards to the Cup Series should that opportunity open up in the future. At some point, someone will give Gragson a chance, and a championship-contending Truck Series team may be the next place for Gragson.

Frankie Muniz

Frankie Muniz is an interesting case. He is a driver with some funding, and he has performed reasonably well in the ARCA Menards Series given his equipment. He is a Ford driver, which makes him at least somewhat of a candidate for the Front Row Motorsports ride.

The question is whether or not he brings enough funding, and is he really the guy Ford wants to try to build around? Keep in mind that Muniz is turning 38 years old in December, so how long will he realistically be able to race? It’s possible that Ford does not want Muniz to take a ride like this when they need young drivers as badly as they do.

Front Row Motorsports is the newest seat that is open in the Truck Series, and whoever gets the seat will get a big-time opportunity. Who else is available to potentially drive the #38 truck next season?

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