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Who Do the FANS Think Will Drive Roush’s New Entry?

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RFK Racing announced on Twitter that they are bringing back the 60-car, but, the driver is still a mystery. Roush60Team on Twitter has given the public only a silhouette to work with along with the post saying #DAYTONA500, hinting that this entry would likely be an open Daytona 500 entry. The Daily Downforce readers and other NASCAR fans gave their own theories on social media, and these are the most popular.

A.J. Allmendinger

Looking at the silhouette, the hairdo looks very similar to A.J. Allmendinger. On top of that, Allmendinger likely does not have a Daytona 500 ride already since he is currently rumored to be going to the Xfinity Series with Kaulig Racing. Therefore, he could race an open Daytona 500 entry.

The issue with this would be the manufacturer. Kaulig is a Chevrolet team while RFK Racing is a Ford team, and Allmendinger would need to switch manufacturers for this to work. Kaulig is not a key-partner Chevy team, so it may not be a major deal. However, it is worth looking at.

Jason Dean claims that this is definitely A.J. Allmendinger.

Pigeongamer says that this looks like A.J. Allmendinger.

FlameVol says that this has to be Allmendinger, but, he knows it cannot be.

David Ragan

David Ragan is another popular choice amongst those on social media. He could match the silhouette, plus he has a previous relationship with Jack Roush. Ragan came up the ranks with Roush-Fenway Racing, and he won his first career race with the team in 2011 at Daytona.

His prowess on superspeedways is noted given his two career wins at Daytona and Talladega. However, it has been since 2022 that he ran in NASCAR at all. With such a long time between starts in NASCAR, that could hold Ragan back from racing, but, it could be a one-off.

Damian Leninger told the Daily Downforce that David Ragan would be the driver.

Drew Nixon says that David Ragan is not his first choice, but, he feels that Ragan is the most likely driver.

Jeffrey the Dweeb says that David Ragan always comes back.

Hunter Sleppy seems to be a bit underwhelmed by the potential of David Ragan.

TheDraftAttack had a few guesses, but, he eventually settled on David Ragan.

Add Darian to the list of those who believe it is David Ragan.

Frankie Muniz

Another driver who could fit the silhouette is Frankie Muniz. Being a Ford driver, the connections are there for Frankie Muniz to potentially drive for RFK Racing in the 60-car. It could be an interesting one-off opportunity for Muniz, who was solid in his ARCA start at Daytona in 2023.

It may be a big jump for Muniz to race in the Daytona 500 given he has no experience in Cup Series cars. However, he is a big name who can likely bring in some sponsorship. It would be an interesting story.

Jefferson Stealflex looks at the hair and the ears to highlight why the silhouette matches Frankie Muniz.

Noah Moore says that it looks like Frankie Muniz.

Andres Lopez will not be happy if it is not Frankie Muniz. 

William Bragg wants to see Muniz in a Cup car with Carl Edwards in an Xfinity Series car.

Carl Edwards

The dreamers amongst the fans started talking about Carl Edwards returning. No matter how unlikely this is, plenty of fans want to see Carl Edwards return. With how much success Edwards had with Roush Racing during his career, it would be an interesting reunion.

However, Edwards has remained very reluctant to return to the driver’s seat. Maybe a one-off at the Daytona 500 could be an exception, but, it seems very unlikely. On top of that, the silhouette does not seem to match exactly.

66fan posed whether or not Edwards could be the one to return.

Some creative Photoshop design did the trick for Joey Tartamella

CARL in all caps for Brandon Aguilar.

To-ad says that it cannot be Carl Edwards.

RFK’s 60 car will make for an interesting announcement come Wednesday. The fans theorized plenty of different drivers that could pilot the car for the Daytona 500. Who do you think could pilot the car? Join the chatter on social media.

Let us know what you think

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