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Where Will Hailie Deegan Race Next?

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What’s Happening?

When Hailie Deegan announced that she and AM Racing split up, she reassured fans that she intends to race again, saying, “I’m working as quick as possible to find the best opportunities to get back to the track.” The question is, where can she go? Here are some options for Deegan for the rest of the season.

  • As much of a struggle as this season has been, Deegan is still one of NASCAR’s most marketable drivers. She can easily sell her large social media following and good relationships with sponsors. She has also had success in the regional touring series, showing that she has some genuine talent.
  • However, the rides available to her are somewhat limited. She will have to look at part-time opportunities with teams that need funding, but a few teams out there fit that description.
  • Fans hope Deegan will find her place in NASCAR and succeed. However, not everyone is confident she will.

SS Greenlight (Xfinity)

SS Greenlight is a Ford team that brings in a variety of drivers throughout the season. Given the Ford connection, it could be a perfect place for Deegan to land for a few races later this season. It’s a mid-pack team where expectations aren’t too high, and Deegan won’t be asked to overextend her equipment.

It’s unclear exactly how many races are accounted for at SS Greenlight for the rest of the year. However, with 13 drives making at least one start for the team 18 races into the season, there’s certainly space for Deegan somewhere.

DGM Racing (Xfinity)

DGM Racing is a similar-caliber team to SS Greenlight, but DGM has a full-time driver in Kyle Weatherman. Drivers like Ross Chastain, Daniel Suarez, and Natalie Decker have raced for DGM at one point this season. Having someone like Weatherman or connections with the other drivers could give Deegan some people to learn from.

There might not be as many opportunities for Deegan here, but it could be a great opportunity. We will see what opportunities could open up for her.

Reaume Brothers Racing (Trucks)

Deegan could also enter the Truck Series, and Reaume Brothers Racing is one interesting option. Like DGM, they have a full-time driver, Lawless Alan, alongside an “All-Star Truck” or two that could field multiple drivers. If Deegan brings funding, this could be a great place for her.

However, RBR is not the best equipment in the series, and Deegan would not have much veteran guidance. How much would she be improving by going here?

Niece Motorsports (Trucks)

Niece Motorsports underwent big changes after their affiliated team, Faction46, seemingly vanished. Now, Neice is set to enter four cars in select races, potentially from Faction46’s assets. Could Deegan make a few starts for Niece here?

Deegan would be in solid equipment that can run well. It will be interesting to see if she could find some success should this team open up a spot for her somewhere.


It’s also possible that Deegan will not find a ride for the rest of the year. Now, given her marketability, it seems likely she’ll end up somewhere, but will her performance scare teams away? In the clip above, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and TJ Majors theorize that Deegan needs someone to help guide and mentor her, along with more experience in a stock car.

Could she gain that in other avenues? Could ARCA or even late model series like the CARS Tour be an option? Maybe they are, even if it takes her out of NASCAR.

What do you think about all this? Let us know on Discord or X what your take is, and don’t forget you can also follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and even YouTube.

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