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Where Could Carson Kvapil Race in 2024?

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Carson Kvapil is one of the most interesting prospects in the late model scene, and he has recently dipped his toe into NASCAR as well. Where could Carson Kvapil race in 2024? Is it time to make his jump into NASCAR, is ARCA the place to go, or is it a good idea to stick in the CARS Tour for another year?

CARS Tour: JR Motorsports

It may not happen, but it is possible that Kvapil will keep himself in the CARS Tour for one more year in 2024. It takes a lot to make the jump to the Cup Series including the amount of sponsorship needed. JR Motorsports’ late-model team has had drivers drive for them for an extended period of time before.

Josh Berry is the most recent example of this. Now, Kvapil likely wants to make the move up at some point in the future, so this will probably be a very temporary thing if this happens. Then again, maybe it is the right move as Kvapil waits for the right opportunity.

ARCA: Pinnacle Racing Group

The ARCA Menards Series does not have a lot of competitive cars at the moment, but Carson Kvapil finished a solid second in Pinnacle Racing Group equipment at Kansas. If Kvapil’s next step is ARCA, he has the connections to make this work. However, there is one issue with this team and with ARCA in general.

Kvapil is 20 years old, and at that age, some drivers are already jumping up to the Truck Series or even Xfinity. Could Kvapil want to make the jump above ARCA next year? It could be what he wants especially considering how ARCA does not have many competitive cars right now.

Truck Series: Spire Motorsports

This may be a part-time gig alongside driving a late model schedule, but that seven truck may remain in the Truck Series in 2024. If that truck remains on the grid in 2024, Kvapil could be taken on as a development driver for Spire Motorsports.

The question is how will Spire approach the Truck Series in 2024? Buying Kyle Busch Motorsports may not mean Spire runs a full multi-truck team in 2024, so that could limit how many races are open for Kvapil to drive this car in. However, it is a Truck Kvapil has run before, and it is a Truck that can win races.

Truck Series: Young’s Motorsports

If someone like Spire does not work out, then another Chevrolet Truck Series Chevrolet team is Young’s Motorsports. It is a race team that has won two races before, and it may be an option for Kvapil to work his way up a bit through the Truck Series. It may not be the most prominent ride, but it is an opportunity.

Again, this would be a challenge for Kvapil in terms of equipment. It also could require some major sponsorship pull for Kvapil, which, it is uncertain how much sponsorship he has.

Could Kvapil be set to make a big move in 2024? Maybe one of these teams could be a place to go.

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