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What Will Spire Do With Their Truck Series Team in 2024?

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While the Spire Motorsports Cup Series team has understandably gotten a lot of publicity this Silly Season, their potential Truck Series efforts have not. Bob Pockrass of Fox Sports originally reported when Spire bought Kyle Busch Motorsports that Spire was expected to field three full-time Truck Series teams in 2024. So, how do they go about it, and who drives for them in 2024?

Part-Time vs Full-Time

Spire Motorsports currently runs a part-time Truck in the series. Obviously, there are benefits to driving part-time in the series. It is less of a commitment, and teams can pick and choose which races they want to race. However, it’s impossible to race for a Championship, so, some teams elect to use an All-Star car alongside one or two full-time drivers.

This allows teams to go for both the driver’s Championship, while also having that extra car to rack up owner’s points. The Owner’s points are what the teams themselves get paid out at the end of the season after all. Having three cars in the Owner’s Championship helps with postseason payouts to race teams, and it allows teams to put specialists into cars for road course races, superspeedway races, and the like.

That is the choice Spire has if they do expand to a three-car race team in the Truck Series. Do they choose to run three full-time drivers, or do they choose instead to run at least one truck as an “All-Star Truck” However, that still means they have at least two cars to fill.

Which Drivers Could Spire Have Under Their Control?

Chase Purdy

Chase Purdy signed an extension with KBM earlier this year to race for the team at least through 2024. It seems pretty likely that Purdy will join Spire as they take over following the season. He has a contract with KBM, so it would make sense that he comes with the package. However, there has been no official announcement that he is coming back, so, maybe things will change.

Nick Sanchez?

Nick Sanchez drives for Rev Racing, which is affiliated with KBM. Sanchez made the Truck Series Playoffs this year, and he had some impressive runs with 11 top-10 finishes despite not winning a race. Maybe Sanchez will stick with Rev Racing for 2024 if that alliance remains intact, or, Spire chooses to bring him into the fold full-time. Regardless, it will be interesting to see how Sanchez fits onto the grid for 2024.

Potential New Drivers

Derek Kraus

Derek Kraus is running his second race of the season for Spire Motorsports in the Truck Series this weekend at Phoenix Raceway in the season finale. The interesting thing is that he is not driving the 7 car, rather, he will drive a second car numbered 77. This absolutely could be Spire preparing to expand for 2024, and Kraus has yet to announce his 2024 plans. He has some solid finishes in a part-time ride for Kaulig, so, if Kaulig does not come calling, Spire may be his next best option.

Marco Andretti

Marco Andretti is running his third Truck Series race of the season for Spire this weekend in the 7 car. He has not completely ruled out joining NASCAR full-time, and Gainbridge is a major partner of Andretti Autosport. This may be slightly less likely than Kraus because Andretti’s goals are not quite known, but it would be interesting.

Rajah Caruth

Rajah Caruth has yet to announce his 2024 plans, and he is an interesting prospect. He has shown flashes, but he has yet to win a race in the Truck Series. It’s possible he may have places in the Xfinity Series for him as well, but, he will be racing the car at Phoenix in the Xfinity Series this weekend. That is a sponsor of the Spire 7 truck. The connections are there.

What will Spire Motorsports’ Truck Series team look like for 2024? It could be as interesting to watch out for as their Cup Series team.

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