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What Will Days of Thunder 2 Be About?

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Days of Thunder 2 is now reportedly in development, and NASCAR fans are wondering what this new movie will be about. Even we at the Daily Downforce are wondering what the new movie’s plot will revolve around. So, what could be the plot line be in Days of Thunder 2?

What We Theorize

1) The Old Days of Thunder Cast Becomes Car Owners for the Next Generation.

So, here is what the Days of Thunder producers have to work with. They have an older Tom Cruise, Cary Elwes (Russ Wheeler), and Michael Rooker (Rowdy Burnes). Since all of them are older, either it has to be them towards the end of their career or them working as a team owner of sorts.

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Imagine bringing in some younger actors to build a rivalry amongst the younger drivers who drive for Cole Trickle, Wheeler, and Rowdy. People like Tom Holland, Timothee Chalamet, Zendaya, and the like driving as the new generation of race car drivers. Finding a way to bring Days of Thunder to a new audience.

2) Sponsorship Dollars Will Be a Problem

With NASCAR being all about dollars and cents at the end of the day, it would be interesting to see these driver not only as rivals on the track or owners on the pit box. What if they are fighting in the board room over sponsorship dollars.

Maybe Mello Yello leaves the Cole Trickle race team for a rival team. Maybe Exxon leaves Rowdy Burnes for a new rival team that is just starting out. Hey, it’s a major part about NASCAR today, so maybe it could be a part of the movie.

3) Bringing in an F1 Rival

Imagine a more dramatic take on the plot of Talladega Nights. Maybe one of those younger drivers could be the hot shot coming in from Formula One or IndyCar or what have you.

With NASCAR and F1 being more competitive against each other in the U.S. now than it has been, it could be an interesting storyline. Maybe even Cole Trickle tries to enter into an F1 race to beat this rival. It’s not realistic, but, it’s a movie, so realism can be overlooked somewhat.

4) Cole Trickle Races in an SRX Clone

An older Cole Trickle trying to prove that he’s still got it against the old competition? Creating a fictional SRX-type series is a place for something like this to happen.

Maybe this can be a plot that runs alongside the plot of him being a team owner. Trying to balance between both sides of his mind, and what he wants. That would be an interesting storyline.

5) The Old Heads Struggle with the Changes in Racing

NASCAR is a different sport now than it was in 1990, and in the movie that is no different. Cole Trickle struggles to deal with how everything has changed in NASCAR over the years. He is working on trying to adjust or proving that the old way of doing things still works.

This sort of copies the plot of Cars 3, but it still is interesting. It can be another supplemental piece of the plot that adds to the other major plot devices in this potential movie.

What the Fans Say

Is this a little too realistic WhiteStar24?

I think I’ve seen this movie before.

NWDrive wants to bring street racing to Days of Thunder.

Hmm, a what-if movie? Interesting.

TL;DR, but it looks like BroadcasterX has the entire plot idea down pat.

This sounds an awful lot like Cars 3

Interesting actor choice by Offtherailspcast

Interesting idea from medemey

I think I’ve seen this before.

HalfastEddie with an interesting idea to implement historic NASCAR figures.

This could be interesting.

I mean, it’s possible isn’t it?

Hey, it works does it not?

This would be a very popular movie amongst NASCAR fans. They would love some of the nostalgia that a new movie would provide, or how it could introduce new fans to the sport. What else could be in this new movie?

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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