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What To Expect When Camping At Martinsville Speedway

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What’s Happening?

Martinsville Speedway is one of the oldest active tracks in NASCAR. When you choose to camp and attend a race here you are paying your respects to the rich history and tradition of Martinsville Speedway. Campers who attend races at this track truly love it as it has a whole lot going for it. Here’s what you can expect while camping at Martinsville Speedway.

  • Martinsville Speedway first opened in 1947 and has been hosting at least one NASCAR race a year. Nicknamed the paperclip, the track layout consists of tight corners and long straightaways. The track measures out at 0.526 of a mile and is the shortest track on the NASCAR circuit. The short track is owned and operated by NASCAR itself.
  • Since the beginning, Martinsville has hosted 2 NASCAR races a year. In 2024, the first race, typically held in the spring, was run on April 7th. The annual fall event for 2024 is scheduled to take place on November 3rd and will be the final cut off race prior to the Championship race at Phoenix.
  • Fans love camping at Martinsville Speedway. It’s a fun clash between the past and modern NASCAR. And who can resist those famous Martinsville hot dogs?

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Amenities & Highlights

At Martinsville Speedway, hookups are available at each RV camping site. However, sewage hookups, private porta-potties, and maintenance cost an additional fee. Camp slot sizes range from 18×40 to 20×50, depending on the lot. Lots are a mix of grass and paved.

Those who do not want to pay for the additional hookups may use the provided community restrooms and showers provided in all lots save for the South Lot. Tent camping is only allowed at the general admissions campground.

Pets are welcome at Martinsville Speedway. It is the pet owner’s responsibility to clean up after their beloved pet and they are also liable for any damage caused by their fuzzy friend. They must keep their pet(s) on a leash or in their motorhome at all times.

Ice is available at all campground locations.

  • Pet friendly
  • Power
  • Water (at an additional fee)
  • Sewer (at an additional fee)
  • Restrooms
  • Showers (except in the South Lot)
  • Security for specific camp grounds
  • Ice available for purchase

Campground Details

Quiet Hours at the Martinsville Speedway campground begin at 11PM and end at 7AM. During these hours, loud music, large gatherings, and unruly behavior is strictly prohibited. All sound systems must face inward towards the camp site and not facing neighboring campers.

Fans do need an admission ticket to enter all campgrounds on the property of the Martinsville Speedway. Fans can arrive to the campground as soon as the Saturday prior to race week and can stay as late as Noon the Monday after the race.


  • Camping Type
  • Standard Camping (no hookup)
  • Water and sewage hookups available at an additional fee
  • Tent camping relegated to the general admissions camp ground

  • Sizes vary depending on the campground
  • Space sizes range between 18×40 and 20×50

  • Surfaces include grass and paved

  • Quiet Hours
  • Between 11PM and 7 AM

  • Admission Ticket Required for Entry

  • Entry Times
  • Saturday prior to race week-Monday following the race

Source: NASCAR Camping

What do you think, Daily Downforce readers? Would you be interested in giving camping at Martinsville Speedway a go? Let us know! And continue to keep it right here at for all the latest in the world of NASCAR!

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