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What To Expect When Camping At Kansas Speedway

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What’s Happening?

In the NextGen Era, Kansas Speedway has been one of the most exciting racetracks on the NASCAR Cup Series circuit. It has quickly become one of the most must-see racing events on the schedule. And, as it most other NASCAR tracks, camping is a staple in getting the full race weekend experience. Here is everything you can expect when camping at Kansas Speedway.

  • Kansas Speedway was added to the NASCAR in 2001 amidst NASCAR’s rise to American cultural relevance. It is a 1.5 mile speedway in the shape of a “tri-oval”. The turns possess a progressive banking system with the bottom lane of the racing groove being 17 degrees of banking while the top line increases to 20 degrees. The frontstretch is banked 10 degrees with the backstretch being banked at 5 degrees.
  • Kansas Speedway hosts two NASCAR Cup Series races a year. Typically, one date is reserved for the spring and one is reserved for the fall during the NASCAR Playoffs. In 2024, the spring race was run on May 5th. The spring race will be contested on Sunday, September 29th and will be the first race in the Round of 12.
  • Fans enjoy the experience of camping at Kansas Speedway with all its amenities and modern infrastructure.

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Amenities & Highlights

Fans choosing to camp at Kansas Speedway can expect the typical camping fare. Campers can expect to move in on the Thursday ahead of the race weekend.

The Daily Downforce is Hiring

Camping slots include grass and paved surfaces, depending on where the camper is camping and lots range from 20×40-60×60.

Hooks ups are available at some campground locations but not others. The pricing varies and is subject to change. Those who do not have hookups may use community showers and restrooms.

Pets are allowed at all campgrounds outside of the track. In these campgrounds, dogs must be kept on a leash six feet or shorter and the pet owner is responsible for cleaning up after their pet and for any property damage their pet may cause. For infield camping, pets are prohibited.

Motorcycles are allowed in all campgrounds. However, for infield camping, and addition vehicle pass of $100 will be required.

Trams are provided for fans outside of the track. The trams can take you to the credentials offices, from the parking lot to the track, and even to the Hollywood Casino.

  • Dog walking trails
  • Power
  • Water
  • Portable Toilet Rental
  • Sewer
  • Restrooms
  • Showers
  • Tram rides to Hollywood Casino and the retail, dining, and entertainment district adjacent to the track

Campground Details

While the racing at Kansas Speedway can be exciting, you cannot party all night while camping at Kansas Speedway. Quiet time is between midnight and 6 A.M. All sound systems must be kept at a respectful volume and turned off during quiet time.

All outside campers are required to have grandstand tickets. Infield and terrace campers are given 2 admission wristbands per spot. Additional wristbands (up to 8 per spot) can be purchased at an additional rate.


  • Camping Type
  • Standard camping (no hookups)
  • Hookup camping also available

  • Sizes Range Depending on Campground
  • Between 20×60 and 60×60

  • Surfaces include grass and pavement

  • Quiet Hours
  • Between 12AM – 6AM

  • Admission Ticket Required For Entry

  • Entry Times
  • All campgrounds open on Thursday and close at Noon on Monday

Source: NASCAR Camping

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The Daily Downforce is Hiring

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