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What is Going On at the Nashville Fairgrounds?

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The Nashville Fairgrounds has a brand new proposal that includes tearing down the existing race track.

What’s Happening?

The Nashville Fairgrounds continues to be stuck in a battle between the race track and the local government. Now, the Fairgrounds Prevention Project has proposed a brand-new plan that includes teardown down the existing track in favor of a drag strip for electric cars.

You Need to Know:

  • According to the proposal, the new complex would be connected to Brown’s Creek with housing and a rehearsal space for musicians as well. A recent poll of Nashville residents on this new plan had 67% of fans in favor of the new plan with 21% against it.
  • This is a far cry from the recent plan that NASCAR proposed which included renovations to the track. This plan also comes amidst a new Mayor in Nashville, Freddie O’Connell. Plans to renovate the Fairgrounds have never gotten completely off the ground over the last few years.
  • Race fans on social media do not like this new plan because of the obvious demolition of the track this would require. The Nashville Fairgrounds is a popular place for many fans to return to, but, proposals like this are not conducive to that happening.

On Your Screen

Darian is not a fan of the new proposal.

Army Air Force Exchange Veterans Block

DannyBTalks took to AI renders to express his opinion on the Nashville Fairgrounds proposal.

Jett Kraus is not a fan.

In the Stands

Wes, the track is not here in this render.

Cynon44 is not a fan of an electric vehicle-specific race track.

Bary thinks this plan is not a good one.

A joke it is not Ryan Murphy.

Chrome Diesel says that stock car racing will bring far more attendance, so, an EV drag strip is not a good idea.

Fart King of Chicago wants to see the Fairgrounds back, not the new proposal.

From the Pressbox

Bob Pockrass noted that Bristol Motor Speedway is working on changes to make to the recent deal with the new administration.

The Nashville Fairgrounds continues to be in a strange development space. Will the Fairgrounds ever find itself renovated for Cup Series racing again?

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