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What Do Fans Hope to Hear From NASCAR’s Gaming Announcement?

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Last week, NASCAR teased a major announcement for NASCAR console gaming, and we asked the fans for their input. The Daily Downforce readers came through like always.

Fans expressed what they hoped this new NASCAR console gaming announcement would be about. The opinions ranged from remastered games to new features to new developers. Some just asked for a functional NASCAR console game.

New Game

For some they want something very simple: a new NASCAR video game. Some don’t even really care too much if the game lacks in features because all they want is a NASCAR video game. There has not been a new NASCAR console video game since NASCAR 21: Iginition, and that was a disaster.

The last time a new, fully-features NASCAR game that was not just a copy and paste was released was back in September of 2019 with NASCAR Heat 4. It’s been way too long since a new game has been released, and NASCAR gamers just want something new to play.

Brendan is a simple man, and all he wants is simply a good NASCAR game.

Imagine Dale Earnhardt Jr. partnering on the next NASCAR console game?

RWR Fan just wants a functional NASCAR game, even if it is a reskin of previous games.

New Developers

The general consensus amongst NASCAR gaming is that Motorsport Games needs to go. A lot believe that NASCAR needs to start from scratch with their gaming license and restart everything. Some pointed out to reimagined versions of games, which we will look at later.

However, some were very specific about which developers they want to create NASCAR video games. Others just want Motorsports Games gone, and that is that. This is probably the issue that sees the most consensus amongst the NASCAR gaming community.

NASDude wants a game similar to the Eutechnyx games with some elements of NASCAR Thunder thrown into it.

Alex Crocker wishes that NASCAR would return to Monster Games, the same company that helped develop the NASCAR Heat series.

Nik just does not want Motorsport Games to return.

Goodbye to Motorsport Games for Mickey Logano.

New Features

A few are calling for some specific new features to be added into the next console NASCAR game. Some grouped their desired features into other categories in this list, but these are a couple of responses for specific features.

It is unclear how much of this is expected for in the next NASCAR game, but it is hard to believe that some of these more complicated features will be in the next NASCAR video game. Given how long it takes to develop modern video games, it will take a while for some of these features to be added to the game.

Total Team Control just like NASCAR 06. Imagine having the driver swap feature in a modern NASCAR game?

Nicholas Bianco wants to have the ability to customize his own gaming experience.

Remastered Games

Some want newer console versions of NASCAR games. The most popular choices of this being iRacing or NASCAR Thunder.

Remastering these older games may not be practical in the modern day, but something like iRacing may be doable. The question then becomes how do you reach out to the casual player base with a console game? A simulator like iRacing is impossible to bring to consoles fully, but a version of it may be possible.

Imagine iRacing coming to console? That may be a nightmare to play on a controller, but it would still be very fun.

Yancey wants a brand new career mode, similar to that found in the NASCAR Thunder games.

A 20 year anniversary edition of potentially the most popular NASCAR game of all time?

The bottom line is that fans want change, and the status quo is not good enough. As for where NASCAR can go, it is unclear about whether or not everything these fans are asking for is totally realistic. However, they are worthy opinions to be considered.

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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