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Weather Forecast for North Wilkesboro NASCAR Weekend

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What’s Happening?

North Wilkesboro Speedway plays host to the NASCAR All-Star Race for the second year in a row. The 2023 race saw rainy weather during the Heat Races, causing rain tires to be introduced on an oval for the first time in NASCAR history. Will history repeat itself this weekend?

  • North Wilkesboro Speedway opened in 1946, and it is one of NASCAR’s original tracks. From 1949 until 1996, both North Wilkesboro and Martinsville were the only two tracks to remain on the schedule every year. After NASCAR left the track in 1996, the track sat largely dormant for nearly 30 years before a collaborative effort between SMI, the State of North Carolina, and others saw the track reborn.
  • Since NASCAR took a 27-year hiatus from North Wilkesboro between 1996 and 2023, there is not much weather data to look back on. However, with rain tires on tap for this weekend, the weather is slightly less of a concern.
  • Fans are less concerned about the weather this weekend due to rain tires. As a matter of fact, light rain might help the racing product with how much the short track package has struggled in the Next-Gen era.

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Weekend Weather Forecast via National Weather Service

Friday, May 17th: All-Star Friday

  • Forecast: Showers and Thunderstorms Likely after 2 PM
  • Temperature: High 76°F, Dropping into Mid-Upper 60s°F by Sunset
  • Rain: 54%-77% between 2 PM and Midnight
  • Wind: S 2-5 MPH

Saturday, May 18th: Craftsman Truck Series Wright Brand 250 (1:30 PM ET)

  • Forecast: Slight Chance of Showers, then Showers Likely and Possibly a Thunderstorm after 2 PM
  • Temperature: High 76°F
  • Rain: 68% After 2 PM
  • Wind: SW 3-5 MPH

Saturday, May 18th: Cup Series All-Star Heat Races (5:20 PM ET)

  • Forecast: Showers Likely and Possibly a Thunderstorm
  • Temperature: High 76°F; Dropping to Low 70s°F/Upper 60s°F by Sunset
  • Rain: 66-68% Between 5 PM and Midnight
  • Wind: SW to W 6-7 MPH

Sunday, May 19th: Cup Series All-Star Open (5:30 PM ET) AND All-Star Race (8:00 PM ET)

  • Forecast: Slight Chance of Showers and Thunderstorms Before 2 PM
  • Temperature: High 69°F; Dropping to Low 60s°F after sunset
  • Rain: 35% Between 5 PM and 8 PM; 24% After
  • Wind: NW 2-5 MPH

North Wilkesboro Weather History

This is only the second time this millennium NASCAR has raced at North Wilkesboro. However, the 2023 race saw a historic weather moment. A rain shower before the heat races forced the teams to outfit wet-weather tires for the first time ever in a Cup Series race on an oval.

This page will be updated as the week progresses and the weather forecast changes.

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