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Next Gen Creators Podcast

Watching the Sport Change with Rick Houston

North Carolina Moonshine and Motorsports Trail

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Rick Houston is well-known to many NASCAR fans who have been around the sport for decades. The former Busch Series editor of Winston Cup Scene, Houston had to endure many hardships and trials to work in the sport he loved so dearly. Eventually, he worked his way into that. Since then, he’s become a true NASCAR historian, stopping at nothing to preserve the famous Winston Cup Scene newspaper and watching the sport’s landscape change.

  • Rick Houston starts by discussing his development as a writer and the early days of his covering the sport. He went from hitting what he called “Rock bottom” in 1992 to landing a full-time job and learning to be a journalist at a newspaper in North Carolina. Those lessons he learned apply to many aspiring journalists today.
  • Houston eventually worked his way up at Winston Cup Scene, and his time there and relationships helped him with two current passion projects. One is the Scene Vault Podcast, where he interviews a “Who’s Who” of major faces in the sport. The second is preserving the Winston Cup Scene by scanning it and saving it on a digital platform.
  • Houston also discusses how the sport has changed from a media perspective. It’s a far different world than he had in his career, and he loves some changes while he dislikes others. Ultimately, it’s the reality of a changing world.

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