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Truck Series Teams Penalized for Window Net Infractions

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Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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Four Craftsman Truck Series teams were penalized for their window nets used in races at Darlington and Kansas.

What’s Happening?

NASCAR bopped four NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series teams for issues with their window nets following the last two races at Kansas and Darlington. The four drivers were Spencer Boyd, Brennan Poole, Dawson Cram, and Nick Leitz. All four teams had crew chiefs fines $5,000 and the loss of 25 driver and owner points.

  • The four teams penalized each had illegal window nets. The nets were reportedly older than two years old according to, which put them out of current safety requirements. G2G racing who owned the cars of Crum and Poole announced that they would appeal.
  • Window nets are one of the most important safety devices in NASCAR. They were first implemented after a Richard Petty crash a Darlington in 1970 where Petty hung out of his car following the crash.
  • People on social media generally understand why the penalties were assessed. However, it will be interesting to see how some appeals go.

The Main Characters

G2G Racing, which owns the cars of Poole and Cram, announces that they will appeal the ruling.

The team owner for Boyd and Leitz says they will potentially appeal, but did not confirm.

In the Stands

A very fair point.

Yes it indeed does seem to be pretty black and white.

Yes it indeed does cost money.

Joe Fink believes that the driver points should not have been taken away.

Obviously, window nets are a major safety importance to a NASCAR car. Any time there is any discrepancy, NASCAR has to act in some way. Plus, when it comes to dates these are manufactured, that is a pretty cut and dry thing.

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Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

All Posts

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