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These Are The Breakout Stars of NASCAR Full Speed

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What’s Happening?

It’s been just over 24 hours since the release of NASCAR Full Speed on Netflix, and many fans are raving about how it showcased drivers. Some drivers grabbed the spotlight by the horns, and that made for some pretty incredible moments.

  • While the drivers were primarily the stars of the docuseries, this list will not be limited to just the drivers. Anyone who was featured in this documentary is fair game.
  • The ones who make this list are the ones who brought entertainment value to the docuseries along with interesting stories. There are plenty of unique stories and perspectives that were told in this docuseries.
  • Fans were generally very positive about the docuseries and the way that these drivers were depicted in it. These were some of the drivers that fans enjoyed watching.

Denny Hamlin

It’s hard to find a bigger star in this documentary than Denny Hamlin. He was just as brash as NASCAR fans expected him to be, but, there were also some emotional moments with him as well. We truly got to see Denny Hamlin wear all of the different hats he wears, driver, team owner, dad, partner, and son.

The documentary begins in episode one by showing off Hamlin’s more controversial side. He showcases his outspoken demeanor along with proudly declaring that he doesn’t want to be known as the
“Nice guy”. However, as time goes on, we see a more vulnerable Hamlin as he deals with the stresses of being a team owner, a nagging shoulder injury, and the hopes of his incredibly supportive parents to see him win a Championship. In the end, there is a bit of sadness as Hamlin falls just short of the Cup largely thanks to a failure out of his control.

Bootie Barker

Bootie Barker had easily the most meme-able moment in the entire series. He depicted himself early in the third episode as even-keeled, trying not to get too caught up in the highs and lows of racing. Well, he and Bubba Wallace lost the race at Texas, and Barker showed a lot of emotion to the Netflix crew. When pressed about it later, he said with an almost evil look in his eye, “I guess I lied to your ass”.

Aside from that, Barker was still a tremendous on-screen presence throughout the early episodes. He truly believes in Bubba Wallace, and that is exactly what someone like Wallace needs on a week-to-week basis. In the end, like many in the sport, Barker comes up short, and his final scene at the end of the third episode hits all correct notes regarding the “Agony of defeat”.

Christopher Bell

While Christopher Bell does not see himself as the underdog, the Netflix documentary paints an interesting picture of him overcoming that label. He barely gets a mention until the fourth episode when they talk about the Round of 8. When he is introduced, it almost seems like he relishes the fact that he is here despite those with Netflix not expecting it.

Those within the NASCAR bubble know that Bell is not an underdog, and it’s cool to see how Bell works his way out of that label. He doesn’t do it by making brash comments to the media, but he simply goes out there and beats everybody. If NASCAR needed a new “Iceman”, Christopher Bell may be the one. We also learn that he is a certified dad because of how much he cares about his grass.

Tyler Reddick

We all knew Tyler Reddick was going to be a star when he was dressed up as Luigi in the trailer. That scene itself was pretty funny to watch, and Reddick admitted to peeing in his firesuit during the race at the Charlotte Roval as well in another humorous clip.

While he has his funny moments, he also has some interesting emotional moments as well. They tell the story of how winning the 2019 Xfinity Series Championship allowed him to name his son, Beau. His fiance, Alexa DeLeon, also has some interesting moments showing what significant others go through while their husbands are fighting for a Playoff spot.

Ross Chastain

Ross Chastain is showcased as the “Blue collar racer” that any average race fan can relate to. Ty Norris directly compares Chastain to Dale Earnhardt, which is the only mention of Earnhardt in the ENTIRE DOCUSERIES by the way. Ross Chastain puts that image into practice in episode 3 by showing up to check out a fan’s watermelon truck.

While a sport needs superstars, NASCAR also needs those individuals that the average fan in the stands can relate to. Ross Chastain is that guy. He is very humble, but, there is no more ferocious competitor than he is. It would not be surprising to see many new fans gravitate towards Chastain after this because he truly is a regular guy.

Which other stars were born after this Netflix docuseries? Did we get everyone, or was there someone that we missed?

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