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The Whole Damn Infield Got in a Fight!

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Since it’s All-Star week, NASCAR fans look back at one of the most famous All-Star races ever the 1989 Winston. Darrell Waltrip and Rusty Wallace got together, and as Rusty puts it the whole damn infield got into a fight. The Scene Vault is here to give us a look back on one of the most famous events in our sports history. 

  • Back in the day, the All-Star race meant something bigger because you can go all out and not have many consequences. How can NASCAR replicate that today?
  • Since Walltrip was leading, and he saw Wallace close the gap on him. should have Wallace just let him pass and saved his day? 
  • Rusty Wallace was a lot faster, but he was impatient when he took Walltrip out. Who do you think was in the wrong in the situation?

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