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The Furious Feuds of Ricky Rudd and Dale Earnhardt at North Wilkesboro

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Today on the Scene Vault podcast, we get another peek into Ricky Rudd’s career, including the feuds between him and Dale Earnhardt. 

  • Ricky Rudd gave us a peek into Dale Earnhardt’s early life when he tried to become a NASCAR Cup Series driver, including a job and his pre-work ritual before working on cars. What do you think Dale Earnhardt did for work before making it as a NASCAR driver?
  • One of the things Ricky Rudd is known for is having a cold temper. This helped them a lot in the early years of his Cup Series career. Do you think more young drivers need to have this mindset?
  • The ending to the 1989  North Wilkesboro race is one of the best finishes in NASCAR history but it’s made all of the better by hearing from Ricky Rudd how rowdy the crowd really was.  What’s one NASCAR moment that made you feel like those fans in North Wilkesboro? 

What’s your favorite old-time NASCAR moment? Have you ever seen the 1989 race? Let The Scene Vault know all of your thoughts and questions in the comment section. 

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