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The BEST Deals of the Week on Circle B Diecast

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NASCAR diecasts are arguably the best collectibles that NASCAR fans can find, and Circle B is one of the best places to find them. Today, we take a look at the best diecast deals fans can find on Circle B Diecast this week.

  • For this list, we will include all types of deals. This includes bargain deals and the best value for some of the best diecasts.
  • This includes new and used diecasts as well. Circle B offers both on their website.
  • Fans love collecting diecasts. It’s one of the best collectibles that fans can get, and many NASCAR fans have an eclectic diecast collection.

1. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Sun Drop Late Model 1:24 ($65) – Purchase HERE

Dale Earnahrdt Jr. diecasts often go for a premium, but, for a niche collectible at a reasonable price, this is a solid choice. It goes for $65, while most 1:24 diecasts go for well over $70-80, and it showcases Dale Jr.’s iconic Sun-Drop sponsorship.

2. Kevin Harvick No. 29 Throwback ($75) – Purchase HERE

Throwback schemes are always fun, and Kevin Harvick’s North Wilkesboro throwback was potentially the best of 2023. His No. 29 car is on Circle B for $75, which is about average for a 1:24, but, the uniqueness puts it on this list.

3. Kyle Larson 2021 RCCA Elite 1:24 ($49.99) – Purchase HERE

Kyle Larson’s 2021 Championship season was one for the ages, and the RCCA Elite line has plenty of Larson diecasts. This one, highlighting the Championship, goes for $49.99, cheaper than many normal 1:24 diecasts.

4. Rajah Caruth Autographed 1:24 ($78.30) – Purchase HERE

An autographed diecast from a NASCAR prospect is always a good purchase. It’s an opportunity to tell friends, “I knew them before they were big shots”, and this Rajah Caruth diecast gives fans the ability to buy an autographed diecast.

5. Ricky Craven 2004 Autographed Tide Diecast ($75) – Purchase HERE

Circle B values this at $100 for retail, but, fans can find this on Circle B for $75. Ricky Craven’s “Tide Ride” is one of the most eye-catching schemes of the 2000s. While this one is from the year after his iconic win at Darlington, it’s still largely the same paint scheme.

6. Chase Elliott 1:64 2022 Nashville Race Win ($8.99) – Purchase HERE

A Chase Elliott race win at a discount, that’s what makes this Nashville race win from 2022 a great deal. A next-gen car adorned with confetti is perfect for any Chase Elliott fan.

7. Austin Dillon 2018 American Ethanol Darlington Throwback 1:64 ($4.99) – Purchase HERE

Another great throwback scheme, Austin Dillon’s 2018 Darlington throwback goes back to Dale Earnhardt’s iconic silver car. This can be found for only $4.99, which is half the price of most 1:64 scale cars.

8. Jeff Gordon 2015 Axalta Throwback 1:64 ($4.99) – Purchase HERE

Another throwback with the same price reduction as Austin Dillon. This one was fielded by Jeff Gordon in his retirement season of 2015, and it throws back to the iconic “Rainbow Warriors” of the 1990s.

9. Aric Almirola 2019 Smithfield 1:24 ($24.99) – Purchase HERE

Aric Almirola’s 2019 1:24 diecast is only $24.99, which is less than half of many 1:24 diecasts on the site. While Almirola never won a Championship, he won both of his races at SHR driving the Smithfield car, even though this specific diecast is from 2019.

10. Darrell Waltrip Autographed No. 95 1971 Mercury Cyclone ($65) – Purchase HERE

A NASCAR Hall of Famer autographed diecast for only $65. This is around half of the suggested retail price. While not any of Waltrip’s most iconic cars, it does show the beginning of Waltrip’s career, and it is autographed.

These are just a few of the best deals you can find on Circle B Diecasts. Which other ones could you find?

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