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The Iceberg on The Daily Downforce

The 2024 Coke 600 Was A Huge LETDOWN

The Iceberg

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A lot has happened this Coca-Cola 600 weekend and it feels like a roller coaster of emotions from the highest of to the lowest of lows. The Iceberg is here to tell us how the greatest day in motorsports turns into one of the greatest letdowns.

Army Air Force Exchange Veterans Block
  • With the track looking dry and drivers ready to get back into their cars, the race was suspiciously canceled. Do you think Fox was to blame here?
  • Given the circumstances surrounding this rain delay, this is undoubtedly a massive letdown for fans everywhere. Do you think the Coke 600 will sell out next year?
  • One huge positive for the weekend is that the Indy 500 was a fantastic race, and it still feels like the most important race on the planet. How does the Daytona 500 also have the same feel?

How did you like this Memorial Day weekend? Will Kyle Larson attempt to double again? Let The Iceberg know all of your thoughts and questions in the comment section. 

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