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Readers Respond: Which Tracks Should Have Two Dates?

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Earlier this week, we posed the question about whether or not NASCAR race tracks should have two dates. In it, we discussed how if every track with two dates begins losing their second date, it could be at the expense of some beloved race tracks.

To appease that, we decided to ask the fans a simple question, which three race tracks would they choose to have two dates per season? Per usual, the fans did not disappoint.

Daytona and/or Charlotte Included

The two most common race tracks put together or separately were easily Daytona International Speedway and Charlotte Motor Speedway. This does make sense as Daytona is the World Center of Racing, and Charlotte is the home race track of most race teams.

The differences came from which race tracks were combined with Daytona and Charlotte. Some people talked about markets that depended on the race tracks for survival. Others talked about things like crowds and the overall racing product.

Kyle Funderbunk wants Daytona, Charlotte, and Bristol to be the only race tracks with multiple race dates. However, one twist he added was one longer race and one shorter race for each race track.

Cool Hand Luke likes Daytona and Charlotte to be paired with NASCAR’s oldest race track, Martinsville

Robert Wucki wants Richmond to be that third race track.

MzVicky wants Talladega in there with Daytona and Charlotte, but no Roval for Charlotte.

Corey Rothgeb wants Indianapolis to split be

V N wants to see Daytona, Talladega, and Martinsville on the schedule twice per year.

Jason Moore wants to see multiple dates at historic venues including the Charlotte oval, Martinsville, and Darlington.

Scott wants Atlanta to be the venue included in the list alongside Daytona and Charlotte. He does go against the grain by including the Charlotte Roval.

Michael Waddell has some explanation for why he picks these race tracks.

CookedByTheHack says DUH to Charlotte.

Fourbitplayer came up with some pretty typical opinions for the tracks that need two dats, but they also offered some details as to why.

Odd-Ball Selections

While some elected to go with some potentially more realistic choices, others elected to go with some more unique selections. Some looked at older venues and others looked at newer venues.

Some even elected to switch between layouts for tracks who have multiple layouts. Others elected to just go with whatever race tracks they felt like they could use for the schedule.

It seems that Jeremy read our article on oval tracks outside of the U.S. Could Indianapolis and Daytona go the similar route that Charlotte did with the Road Course splitting time with the oval.

wvwraith feels that only short tracks should have two dates, primarily because of the carnage at the big race tracks.

NoToRiUouSJT_48 has three interesting choices. Nashville does sell out their one race every year.

I do not think this will happen as Auto Club Speedway is being torn down, but, maybe.

Jonathan Oates feels that all of NASCAR’s short tracks should have multiple dates.

NASCAR has moved further away from two dats at tracks in recent years, and maybe the viability of tracks hosting two dates will be further questioned. However, some tracks may still be able to hold two events as some of these fans theorize.

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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