Reader Picks: 5 More Sponsors You Want to See Return to NASCAR

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We posted a list of sponsors we wanted to see come back, and the fans let us know which sponsors they missed, so, now its your turn. We have put together a list of some of the sponsors that YOU the fans wanted to come back. Let’s jump in!

Hot Wheels

Keith wanted to see Hot Wheels make the list!

Hot Wheels was close to making our first list, strictly because of the paint scheme! Kyle Petty raced one of the coolest paint schemes ever sponsored by Hot Wheels, and man would it be awesome to see them come back, especially now with the chrome numbers, imagine a chrome Hot Wheels orange number!

Coors Light

Dan recommended this absolute classic that missed our first list!

The silver bullet. One of the best schemes ever ran in NASCAR. The silver base paint, and the number sporting that Coors Light red. Sterling Marlin piloted this bad fast Dodge and picked up some wins to boot. Beer doesn’t have the presence on the track like they once used to, it’s time for them to come back!

Texaco Havoline

Clayton remembers a classic NASCAR paints scheme and wants it back!

Ernie Irvan a great of NASCAR ran the black and red #28 machine with the Texaco Havoline logo on the hood. This is one of the most iconic paint schemes and a fan favorite for sure. Bring it back!


Cheeseman with a W of a suggestion, Gamestop always brought the heat.

I remember watching Joey Logano’s Xfinity days, running whatever the latest video game coming out on the hood of his #20 machine. Walking into a Gamestop as a NASCAR fan and seeing the advertisements displaying the car was awesome too. Please come back, we gamers miss you.


Cammie….. Too soon. Cammie wasn’t ready for M&M’s to leave, none of us were Cammie, none of us.

M&M’s were one of the longest running sponsors in NASCAR. Kyle Busch won 2 championships with them, and they had some amazing paint schemes in that time. We hate to see them go, and would welcome them back with open arms.

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Matt Smith

Matt Smith

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