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Rajah Caruth vs Ty Majeski; Late Block or Aggressive Move?

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Rajah Caruth was having a career day at Kansas, was running well inside the top 5 when he would have contact with Ty Majeski, ultimately ending Rajah's night. Who is to blame?

What’s Happening?

Rajah Caruth, driver of the 24 Chevrolet, had a bad fast truck Saturday night at Kansas. He was running consistently in the top 5. He would have a battle with Ty Majeski, making his Silverado very wide making blocks to prevent the pass from Ty.

Coming out of turn 4, Majeski would slide up the race track after a block from Caruth, and moments later contact and chaos ensued. Check out the action below.

You need to know:

  • Caruth was having the best race of his career at Kansas, looking extremely strong before contact with Ty Majeski would ultimately end his night.
  • Rajah wouldn’t mince words in his post race interview, saying that Majeski “just hooked him” as he was trying to protect the top of the race track
  • Fans on social media have sounded off in reaction to the contact, with there being very split views on it.

The Main Characters

Rajah Caruth, the “victim” of the accident, was running solidly all day, collecting stage points and showing speed.

Ty Majeski would get into Caruth in stage 3, said after the race that he and Rajah would “agree to disagree” on the contact.

In the Stands

Jewel says they would do the same, that Caruth blocked the wrong guy too many times.

Pixel says that Majeski turned left into Rajah and never lifted.

Chris says that both could be at fault, mistakes made on both sides.

Shane thinks it was all on Majeski

Matt places the blame on Rajah for the aggressive blocks

On your Screen

Chase from Garage Guys says the replay was sketchy

From the Pressbox

Jeff Gluck, reporter for The Athletic, says that it looked like Majeski wasn’t going to take another block.

Final Thoughts

This was certainly the highlight of the night, it had fans and the broadcast booth talking. We saw Rajah and Ty talking after the race and it looked civil enough. Will we see more come from this?

Where do you stand on the contact after seeing it? Are you team Rajah or team Ty? It certainly looked like it could go either way from the replay. We will have to wait and see what comes from it, if anything.

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Picture of Matt Smith

Matt Smith

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