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Rain Delay In Charlotte Puts A Damper on NASCAR’s Plans But Not The Broadcast

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Picture of Cody Williams

Cody Williams

Cody Williams is the author of BUNNY BOY and THE FIFTH LINE. He lives near Bristol, TN.
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Even The Start Time For Saturday's NASCAR Xfinity Race At Charlotte Being Moved Up an Hour, It Still Wasn't Enough To Dodge The Rain

What’s Happening?

On Friday afternoon it was announced that the start time for Saturday afternoon’s NASCAR Xfinity Series race had been moved up an hour from 1:30 PM/ET to 12:30 PM/ET. With the threat of rain building, they moved it once again to 11:30 with the green flag scheduled to take place at 12:09. As drivers and teams lined pit road with haste and the National Anthem was performed, rain started to fall. Covers went on the cars, track dryers and air titans took to the track, and the race was put under a rain delay.

You Need To Know:

  • Despite NASCAR’s best efforts to avoid the rain altogether by moving the start time of the Xfinity race at Charlotte up two hours, Mother Nature had other plans. What started as a light drizzle has picked up and become heavier with time, leaving virtually no time table as to when this was can get underway.
  • The bright spot, if there is such a thing in a NASCAR rain delay, of this happening at Charlotte Motor Speedway is that the track does have lights. So, NASCAR could run the race this evening, if a large enough window can be spotted on the radar. If not, they could postpone the race until Sunday Morning or, if really in a pinch, Monday.
  • Rain delays are never fun for NASCAR fans. It sort of spoils the afternoon that was meant be spent watching fast cars zoom around Charlotte Motor Speedway with a waiting game. The good news is that NASCAR on FOX understands that the circumstances are not ideal and are trying to make the best out of a bad situation with funny, quirky interviews.

UPDATE: The NASCAR Xfinity Series Race at Charlotte Motor Speedway has been postponed to Monday. Coverage is scheduled to begin at 12 Noon. NASCAR Cup Series qualifying is also canceled.

If there is a break in the rain and we do get to go Xfinity Series racing today, we, at the Daily Downforce, will keep you updated!

The Main Characters

NASCAR and it’s TV partner, FOX, is the primary main character in this situation. As Bob Pockrass reported, there could be a break in the rain later this evening, however, the forecast does not look promising. Only time will tell.

The other group of main characters during the rain delay are the drivers themselves. They’re all nervously snacking on Oreos and chewing on Big Red, nervously waiting out this rain delay. Here, John Hunter Nemecheck presents the broadcast team with some cold pizza.

Around The Garage

Sam Mayer, driver of the No. 1 for JRM, comments on this “homie” making more laps than they have already.

It’s always fun when the stars of the NASCAR Cup Series take over the Xfinity Series broadcast. Everyone is raving about Cindric’s interviewing skills as Kevin Harvick gets practice for his gig next year.

Always THE NASCAR History Buff, semi-retired NASCAR Xfinity Series driver spotted Stenhouse on RaceHub wearing something we might have seen the late Tim Richmond wear…

From The Officials

After asking drivers to report to their cars by 12:55, the rain picked up and covers went back on, as per the official NASCAR Xfinity Series Twitter page.

NASCAR Xfinity Series officials are very proud of Kevin Harvick and are looking forward to him being in the NASCAR on FOX booth full-time in 2024.

In The Stands

When responding to the Daily Downforce’s Tweet on the amazing interview between Carson Hocevar and Austin Cindric, Christian Salamanca states that it was his favorite part of the broadcast thus far.

Dale Jr. fan, Jake Heller grimy predicts that the race will be postponed until Monday.

Drewster is loving how awkward the interaction between Cindric and Klingerman was.

More praise for Cendric from Brendan!

Christian Salamanca back, petitioning for Cindric to do driver interviews every week. Could be a good side hustle for him.

On Your Screen

DennyDelivers from YouTube tweeted this rather humorous photo from the broadcast of Harvick wearing a comically huge graduation cap.

From The Pressbox

Bob Pockrass of NASCAR on FOX states that they would need roughly a 4-hour window to get the track dry and the race in. He also states that the Xfinity race will take priority over tonight’s scheduled Cup Series qualifying. He then lays out the different scenarios we’re looking at if one (or both) of the races get postponed.

Austin Cindric isn’t afraid to get into the dirty details.

Daylon Barr took a self-portrait with Ryan Ellis.

Cindric, NASCAR on FOX might have you a part-time job, if you want it. Both parties would be wise to consider.

Nascarcasm tweeted this, comparing the heights of Cindric and Reddick.

Tyson Winter is pushing for Cindric to retire from full-time racing and just do the pit reporting thing.

Dainiel McFadin comments on Harvick’s professionalism in the booth.

As more becomes revealed about the pending weather delay, we at The Daily Downforce will keep you updated as the story develops.

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Picture of Cody Williams

Cody Williams

Cody Williams is the author of BUNNY BOY and THE FIFTH LINE. He lives near Bristol, TN.
All Posts