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Quick Tips For Your Own NASCAR Tailgate Party

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What’s Happening?

One of NASCAR fans’ favorite things to do at a race is tailgating. It’s a great way to interact with friends, make new friends, and get ready for a great day at the race track. Here are some of the best NASCAR tailgating tips.

  • We take a look at everything necessary for a great NASCAR tailgate. From what to bring, to where to tailgate, to what to watch out for.
  • It’s important to note that rules may vary from track to track. Some tracks may allow certain things that others do not, so, research the rules at the track for what to do.
  • Fans love tailgating at the race track. It is often a tradition of NASCAR fans every time they go to the track.

Where Do I Tailgate?

Generally speaking, NASCAR tracks are pretty open to tailgating. The Chicago Street Course and the LA Coliseum are two major exceptions to this, but, purpose-built race tracks have plenty of opportunities to tailgate.

Typically, any track-owned parking lot or campground is a safe bet. Parking somewhere off-site may not allow tailgating, but, tracks generally do.

What to Bring?

A Grill and Possibly Charcoal

When tailgating, fans need something to cook their food, so a grill with potential charcoal is a must. There are plenty of smaller grills out there that can easily be packed into cars. Typically, tracks require that tailgating equipment needs to be taken down by the time fans leave, so, make sure it is easy to disassemble. Also, make sure the grill is not burning charcoal or gas when the tailgating is done.

Food and Utensils

Obviously, food is a must to bring to a tailgate. Hot dogs and hamburgers with buns are easy to grill, but, steaks are also a good option if you are willing to tailgate early. Typical grill-out sides such as chips, fruit, cookies, and everything you bring to a typical summer barbecue are options. Utensils such as paper plates, paper cups, and plastic utensils are musts as well.

A Tailgate Tent and Chairs

On hot days, it’s a good idea to bring an overhead tailgate tent along with lawn chairs. This allows fans to grill out and eat in the shade instead of the hot sun.

A Long Folding Table

If tailgating for a large group, it’s a good idea to bring a folding table for the food. Once all of the food is grilled, set it out on a table to either sit at or use to eat buffet-style. Either way, a folding table is a great idea for fans who are traveling in a group.

Lawn Games

While waiting for the food to cook or just passing time before heading into the track, good backyard games are great to bring for a tailgate. Whether that be cornhole, or bags depending on who you ask, a football to toss around, or something like a spike ball, it’s great to bring fun games to play with friends while tailgating.

A Cooler with Drinks

While eating all of that delicious food, fans need something to wash it down. Bringing drinks is step one, but, the next step is keeping those drinks cold. Bringing a cooler with ice is a must for cold drinks. If camping at the track, a camper fridge should do the trick as well.

When getting ready for a NASCAR race, tailgating is a great way to eat beforehand and enjoy some social time with friends. Add these to your tailgating experience, and make NASCAR races that much more fun.

Circle B Diecast Block

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