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Product Spotlight: Forney Industries

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For 90 years, Forney Industries has been disrupting the welding market with innovative products at competitive prices. 2023 is no exception, as the company releases several new machines for any level of metalworker.

Forney 180 ST + Pulse Welder

The Forney 180 ST + Pulse is Forney’s first machine capable of pulse stick and pulse TIG welding. Powerful enough to weld up to 3/8”, but easy on thin materials; this ultra-light machine brings advanced welding to all levels of metalworkers in a variety of trades. Pulse welding alternates between the set output amperage and a reduced amperage, allowing the weld puddle to cool and solidify during each low amp cycle. With this capability, you can easily weld out of position and create more visually appealing results. 

Forney 45 P PRO Plasma Cutter

This powerful plasma cutter provides industry-leading cutting performance for 45-amp machines. Ideal for professionals, this plasma cutter can clean cut 7/8” and sever cut more than 1”. Space restrictions are not a problem with the 15-foot power cable and 25-foot lead – together providing one of the largest working envelopes on the market. What’s more, the specially engineered Forney® Ignite™ plasma torch extends the life of your consumables, saving you time, money and frustration. 

Forney® Flex™ 30 Plasma ST Machine

The Forney® Flex™ 30 Plasma ST provides the ability to plasma cut, stick weld and DC TIG weld-all with one machine! The Flex 30 is portable, easy to use, generator-friendly, and features top of the line inverter technology. This machine is great for DIY projects, farm and ranch, maintenance and repair, and light industrial work.

New ADF Helmet Designs

Forney’s line of auto-darkening welding helmets has expanded with the addition of four new custom designs. These unique designs include one-of-a-kind camo, vibrant Forney green lightning, a smoking green rose and, finally, a limited-edition tribute to Forney’s 90th year of business. Forney’s family of ADF hoods are divided into three lines, The Forney Easy Weld Series, Forney Series and the Forney PRO series, making it easy to find the perfect helmet for any level of metalworker. 

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Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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