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New NASCAR Commercials Have Fans Buzzing

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Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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NASCAR released a new commercial that fans reacted to with seemingly overwhelming positivity

What’s Happening?

NASCAR released a new commercial earlier today as a part of their 75th Anniversary campaign. The commercial features Dale Earnhardt Jr. narrating talking about how there are different paths into NASCAR. The commercial specifically highlights Earnhardt Jr, Daniel Suarez, Bubba Wallace, and Chase Elliot.

  • It’s not very common that fans seem to agree on a commercial being good. Marketing the sport is a hot topic amongst fans, drivers, and commentators alike. However, this one seems to be generally liked by the fanbase.
  • It has been a topic of conversation amongst fans about how to market the sport of NASCAR. Is the best way to go on marketing purely to a “core” audience or is it putting NASCAR more out there to the mainstream audience? This commercial definitely seems to try to toe that line with Dale Earnhardt Jr. narrating, but also highlighting progress.
  • NASCAR fans on Twitter were big fans of this commercial. They seemed to love what this commercial has to say and what it represents.

In the Stands

Kayle was a fan of this piece.

Rachel Almario loved it.

Critter wants this to be everywhere.

Jon Cantwell gives this commercial a 10/10

Jeff Murry said this piece was excellent.

Alex Jarvis loved the work.

Joey Tartamella loves it

@Cbarb4cut called it the best NASCAR commercial of the season.

Around the Garage

Kenny Wallace points out the road that he and his family took that was slightly less traveled.

It’s pretty rare that fans tend to agree on something in NASCAR especially when it comes to marketing. With this in mind, maybe this provides some insight into how NASCAR should promote in the future. How does NASCAR attract new fans while also holding on to old fans?

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Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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