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NASCAR Unveils EV Prototype

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What’s Happening?

At long last, NASCAR has unveiled its first step towards electrification. On Saturday, before the Xfinity Series race, the sport showed off its first EV prototype at the Chicago Street Course. NASCAR has been exploring the idea of electric cars for a few years, and now we have seen the first step in their plans being put into action. What does this mean for the sport? Let’s talk about it.

  • NASCAR unveiled its EV prototype at the Chicago Street Course before the start of the Xfinity Series race. NASCAR showed off the car along with its new partnership with Formula E title sponsor ABB.
  • There are no plans for a electric series in the future or replace any of the current series with this car. NASCAR has not announced any future dates on when the car can see live racing action.
  • Fans are split on the reveal of the EV prototype. Electrification is a controversial topic amongst NASCAR fans, with many not a fan of the idea of the sport switching from combustion to electric.

The Reveal

NASCAR revealed the car along with its new partnership with global leader in electrification and automation, ABB. In the press release, NASCAR says that part of the partnership will “help NASCAR achieve public sustainability targets around electrification and electric vehicle charging.” NASCAR ran the prototype around the Chicago Street Course before the Xfinity Series race, and fans could hear and see the car in action.

The car itself resembles the EV models of the sports three  manufacturers. The design includes a rear wing on the back of the car, one we haven’t seen on a NASCAR race car since the early days of the COT. Of course, fans were mixed on the design of the car, with some liking it while others were not fans.

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While the design of the car might leave fans underwhelmed, what’s under the hood might perk up their ears. NASCAR’s projections have the car at 1,300 horsepower, nearly twice as much as the 670 horsepower the Next Gen car produces. Fans have clamored for more horsepower for years. Maybe they’ll get their wish with this new car.

There are no current plans for a NASCAR EV Series in the near future. NASCAR Senior Vice President and Chief Racing Development Officer John Probst told Bob Pockrass of FOX Sports, “I’m not sitting here saying we’re going to announce a series. As much as anything, it’s about us exploring what our future could be. As we learn, we’ll be in the driver’s seat wherever our future takes us.”

NASCAR has flirted with the idea of an all-electric series in the past. As a matter of fact, this EV prototype was supposed to be revealed back in February for the LA Clash. The car was supposed to run laps around the track; however, rain caused those plans to be cancelled.

What’s to Come

Like we mentioned earlier, NASCAR has had many discussions about starting an all-electric series in the future. It is assumed that this would be the car to run in that series, of course, with each manufacturer’s own input.

Speaking of manufacturers, this could open the door for new ones to enter the sport. As the auto industry continues to go electric, this could be NASCAR’s way of showing OEMs that the sport is ready to evolve with the times. This could encourage new OEMs to enter the sport, something NASCAR has tried to do for years.

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